Why I chose Instagram.

Why I chose Instagram.

by igzy July. 19, 17 3 Comments

Instagram – The best Social network platform

In this day and age, there are as many social media sites as possible, I prefer Instagram over every other social media platform. Instagram is a great medium for expressing yourself, maintain a professional image as well as promoting your work on an international level. Instagram has a minimalist design and doesn’t require much effort to be set up.

That is exactly why I love using Instagram, it is simple to use. You don’t need to be a technologically advanced to use it and it is a great medium to reach out to a large amount of people. I use Instagram for two purposes; expressing myself and promoting my blog.

However, just because Instagram is easy to use doesn’t necessarily mean that you make an account and instantly get popular. You need to definitely put in some effort to build up a good amount of followers and engagements on your account.

  • The Beginning: – When I first started my account, I felt lost. I thought I should have chosen another app to promote my’ blog. I had 0 followers and had no idea to attract more followers or likes. I started using hashtags like “#f4f” “likeforlike”, but it did not seem enough. Something was always missing. I wanted genuine followers and not just random people following me because I used a few hashtags like those mentioned above.

Those hashtags had helped me back then, but, I wanted something better. It discouraged me how my work was going unnoticed and everyone around me was getting popular, even though they started their account later than me.

  • How my friend helped me: – My Instagram account was getting followers on a slower rate than my friend was. She started her account in order to share her work on photography. However, in less than 3 weeks, she got around 5,000 followers while I was still at 500.

I was happy for her and as she used “likeforlike” and “f4f” in her pictures, I thought she was receiving so many followers through her hashtags. So I met her one day and shared my problems with her. She was a really close friend of mine, so she knew that I was very serious about my Instagram page and my blog.

For this very reason, she helped me. She told her that she was buying her followers on Instagram. At first, I did not believe her because all her followers looked real and nothing like spam accounts that people normally receive as followers when they buy Instagram followers.

So she told me that she bought them from a site that guarantees real and authentic followers.

I was impressed as she was doing so well on Instagram and her followers looked like they were genuinely interested in her work. Hence, after two to three days of thinking about it; I went ahead to buy Instagram followers for myself as well.

I started receiving followers and they seemed very interactive. Soon, I reached my goal of getting to 10,000 followers. I have not regretted making this decision ever since and truly thank my friend for helping me.

  • How I used Instagram for business: – Once I started gaining followers, I thought I shouldn’t stop my progress here. I wanted to make sure that a large audience reads my blogs and appreciates my work. Thus, since my problem regarding followers was already solved, I started focusing on getting likes and comments on my blogs.

This was a difficult job to do since I was getting likes but no comments. Moreover, I did not know if those many likes were even enough for my page to look extremely professional and popular.

I researched on the topics like; how to get more Instagram likes, how to become popular on Instagram and how to get more comments on Instagram. The information generated on the internet was truly overwhelming and I almost felt like a lost cause.

I then came across this article which gave me some clarity. I thought about it this way; if buying Instagram followers solved so many of my problems, it wouldn’t be bad to even buy Instagram likes. So I invested money in buying likes and it made me feel wonderful! Each picture of mine or a piece of writing got more than 500 likes and made me stand out on Instagram.

I started feeling like I have a voice and I’m being heard! I soon got approached by many other bloggers who were interested in collaborating with me or having my guest posts on their page and vice versa.

They saw that my likes and followers were increasing and thus they wanted to get some exposure too.

  • If you’re a small account and wish to expand your connections, you must also consider to buy followers, likes, or comments on Instagram. The first thing that you must focus on expanding is your followers and likes. Comments come in much later, so buy Instagram followers first and then buy likes on Instagram.

This is my success story of Instagram, I had to buy Instagram followers so at least some of the people would know about my blog. This is the reason why I chose Instagram over every other social media platform.

It helps me to be professional and takes minimum effort on my part to build my followers and likes. This way I can be more productive on my own blog.

Instagram hasn’t only changed my life, but many others’ lives too with its beneficial promotional options. I read this article called step by step marketing over Instagram which further helped me get the best out of my account and blog! If you’re looking for a catalyst for marketing, you should check that article too.

I hope my story inspires you to also contemplate to buy followers on Instagram as well as buy likes on Instagram. I hope everyone realizes how much of a powerful tool Instagram is when it comes to promoting, marketing, and advertising. Instagram did change my life.

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