Videos Which Speak Just Business

Videos Which Speak Just Business

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

Instagram is the client-making hub for thousands of online marketing firms. They have been promoting their product on various social networking firms, but Instagram stands out among all.

Instagram being a sheer visual content sharing platform for individuals, pages as well as marketing organizations was a game changer when it was launched. And now, even after so many days, it stands out to be the same.

Videos have always routed the real motive for making the video initially. Videos when used for marketing purposes in various ways always yield tremendous positive responses as well as followers on Instagram.

Instagram had a video duration limit of just 15 seconds previously which has now been extended to 60 sec.  And all of us know that those 60 sec of video for a product launch, promotion or maybe endorsement act could work wonders for you and your brand.

So let’s go ahead and get to know some ways to utilize the video making and sharing option on Instagram –


Shoot a Demo of Your Product and Answer FAQs

Well to start with a video for your brand goes ahead and shoot a demo for your product or maybe a newly launched product.
Customers should feel valued by the range of videos you post, so go ahead dive in to comments as well as the complaints your customer care portal receives.

Make a note of all the essential and important ones and answer them to your followers with maybe some demonstrations .

A step by step installation as well as how to do video of your product would be an added advantage to the customer as well as the brand. When posting a demo video you could always buy Instagram comments for your posts at this point, making the post an interactive one.


A Visual Portfolio

If yours is a brand providing service or services to the mass. This is an opportunity you should utilize fully- so first buy Instagram followers and then get going.

Make a video of your work, which you recently did for your client or maybe are about to do and check out for the responses. You will be surprised to know the amount of positive responses you get.

For example if yours is a bakery, then you are really going to gift your followers an eye candy by posting a video of your work.

Your followers will be simply amazed by your detailed work and some may even give you call for some orders.

You could go through this article which will guide you to turn your page followers into your regular clients A Guide to Turning Your Instagram Followers into Clients


Ask Your Clients for Video Submission for Vacant Posts at Your Brand Store

Well this may seem as a job opening advertisement, but there is a twist to it. The interested followers need to post a video of them with some specified product and use the product hash-tag of their brand.

This attempt of theirs will not only get you some great staff, but will also popularize your brand hash tag. Next what you need to do is buy real Instagram followers who will be liking all these videos with your hash- tag and thus help you gain some more likes and followers.

This is another worth of reading articles which speaks about various successful and productive Instagram strategies “5 Characteristics of Profitable Instagram Strategies


Video of Offers

Your product surely has an official site which looks into orders being placed and the offers going on.

So while the discount season is still on, make a video of your online portal while you click through offers on various products and speak about the deadlines of the offers as well.

Buy Instagram likes for your video because it allows the video to stay longer in the newsfeed area. Videos are always more attention gatherers than the textual materials and this will surely see a hike in the number of signups on you online marketing site.

And go ahead and write some flashy captions along with the video, which speaks about the ongoing sale going on.

The following article will allow getting a detailed knowledge about writing the most catchy and informative article “How to Write Great Instagram Captions


Organize a Live session on Instagram

What needs to be done here is to go live on Instagram, the only demerit of which is that Live videos are such that they cannot be saved and after the live session is over they won’t be accessible to anyone.

To erase this demerit buy followers on Instagram before you go live who will stay tuned to your video while you are live. What the product owner needs to do is to hire a good speaker or a show anchor for instance.

Next the show anchor needs to have a complete and clear knowledge about your products and services.

And when all this is done you are ready to roll, the show starts and the speaker need to follow the comment section of the video and keep on replying to the queries on the go along with pretty demonstration of some products.

While this video is on, buy Instagram views which will increase the fame of your page and people will feel the product to be more and more reliable.

While this is a very fruitful technique you could go through this article of ours “Simple Tips to Gain More Engagement on Instagram quickly “ –this will help you increase the engagement of your followers with your posts and brand.

If you want a brief look through into certain Instagram tricks for marketing your product. Apart from the video uploads go through this article, which speaks about 18 tools on Instagram which help you to build strategies your marketing policies

 “18 Tools to Help Improve Your Marketing On Instagram

Page owners should keep on their attempts to buy likes on Instagram for various posts by their followers and also by themselves.

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