Using Bot to Buy Instagram Followers: A Social Experiment

Using Bot to Buy Instagram Followers: A Social Experiment

by igzy June. 13, 17 3 Comments

Buying Instagram followers is a very tempting thing. When you see your co-bloggers and others having a huge list of followers, you realize that you will face stiff competition where people are commenting more and showing more interest in the products and services of your competitors. Instagram has now become one of the mainstay mediums in terms of marketing your products and services. This is where the temptation to buy Instagram followers comes into the picture. If the follower list increases due to “fake” people, real ones would still take notice. But there are ways of buying real instagram followers. Buying instagram followers is a great way to hack the number of followers in your list. To know more refer to our article “ 6 Common Instagram marketing mistakes to avoid”.

The technique of buying followers on Instagram is categorized into two types:

  • A company makes a bunch of fake pages and then follows you: Instagram has started a campaign to knock down on the increasing number of fake pages. The only aim in case of these is to multiply the number of followers in your account. The followers being shell accounts are not going to drive revenues for your business. It is an easy way to get banned so be very cautious before trying out this way.
  • A company uses a bot that automatically follows or likes accounts and then unfollows them. This cycle will enable people to see that you account is getting followed. To buy Instagram likes, there are not one but a host of ways that are cropping up. This has worked because it has been able to play off common etiquettes of Instagram which is “follow me and I will follow you back”. But in reality what happens is that the other account gets unfollowed after a few days. You can choose how to make the bot work but in most cases it does the work at a really fast pace.

The experiment is a relatively straightforward one. First you need to take an account into consideration and attach it to your store. The results are noted so that those can be viewed later. The metrics are seen on how visitors to the pages became followers and from followers got converted to clients. It is now indicated that you must get along a bot to get more followers at a super fast speed. The results would be compared from the bot following phase to the natural ones to get an idea on how to buy Instagram likes and followers.  Followers Count, Engagement and Sales are the three aspects that should be considered for measurement. Follow our article on “Tips for running Instagram Photo Contests”.

Performing the Experiment:

Step 1: Making of the Instagram account:

The experiment would need a good Instagram account to take into consideration all the traits. You can create an Instagram account which you feel would connect to the viewers. Pictures that hit on the aesthetics would be more appreciated than others. The page should be curated to appear edgy and fashion forced millennials.  All the images should be of high quality and though you do not have to post every day the frequency should be matched so that it turns out to be an insignificant choice. Use as many hashtags as possible so that buying likes on Instagram and buying Instagram comments becomes an easy task and you can reach out to a huge audience. The same hashtags can be used all across the experiment to keep the follower gain tactics on the same page. Read our article titled “ 5 ways to skyrocket Instagram Marketing” to get a better idea.

Step 2: Gaining Instagram Followers the Real Way:

Try to follow the best practices to get as many followers in the real way as possible. The account which you want to create should bear some resemblance to the accounts which you are searching. Follow and like the followers of similar pages which bear resemblance in terms of product or service or marketing technique.

Do not go and comment on posts or DM any people that followed those similar pages since this kind of consistency would not be possible to maintain with the bot.

Step 3: Gaining Instagram Followers the bot way:

You can stop getting new followers and posts before you go off to buying new followers. This was the perfect time to look at some results and introspect and find out the way ahead for handling the Instagram page and how it manages to lure clients for the business. There are lots of bots that can buy followers for Instagram and buy Instagram views.  Check out our article on “ 8 benefits of using Instagram to grow your business.”

The generation process follows the same technique as to what a normal person would do i.e. find, follow and unfollow but obviously at a faster rate. With the bots, you must target those people that have the same story as the page you have created.  To get more idea on this follow the article on “8 benefits of using Instagram to grow your business”.

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