This is How Instagram Promoted me

This is How Instagram Promoted me

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

I never thought that I can buy Instagram views in such a short duration of time. This began when we formed our own band. Yes, our own rock band. I thought this would let me buy likes on instagram when I get into it. Sooner I started loving it.

Usually users promote any site, this time opposite happened to me. Instagram promoted me. I was a college going student, was pursuing my second year B. Com honors from Delhi university. As everybody knows that Delhi university is known for its co-curricular activities so each one of us has to take part in something or other.

I was too shy guy and never ever wanted to reveal my talents to anyone. I was a good singer as well as a guitarist, but what I lacked was self confidence. And these rock shows are all about self confidence.

After our second semester results were out, preparation for the festival started. As I was an average student, I didn’t expect much, but yes the marks I scored were justified as besides studies I was pursuing music simultaneously. So it was a bit difficult to manage both the things together.

Unlike all other toppers in my class I never got the chance to get famous. Each one of us wants to get famous in our college. It is a desire of a college going student to be known for something. Like I always wanted to be known as a pop star. Each one of us in college is known for any specific thing which is his identification.

I knew that I have so much talent, but still I never wanted to come up just because I have stage fear. At times I used to feel bad when all other people are pursuing their talent and I am the one who is sitting in the audience and applauding them. It actually hurts.

I was an introvert and never ever shared anything to anyone in my whole college life. I have trust issues so I couldn’t get mixed with people really well.

Instagram converted an introvert into an extrovert

The festival was about to begin. It was 7 days prior to the festival, rehearsals started and different committees were formed. According to the talent each one of us were placed in a specific committee.

As I was a shy guy I never took any initiative to get into any committee as I was afraid of being noticed and thus I stay away from all this. One evening when the college got over I was practicing my guitar. I was not aware about the fact that after college committee members stay for planning the events.

I remember I was feeling low that day as I wanted to get famous and on the other hand I was  afraid of getting famous. It was a chaos between mind and heart. So as I am a singer there is nothing in this world which can relieve me except for music. This is the medication for everything.

I was sitting under a tree and was singing with my eyes closed. When I sing, I just get totally lost. It is a kind of meditation for me. I was singing and the most embarrassing thing ever happened to me was this.

When I finished singing and opened my eyes, I saw a group of people standing in a circle around me and looking me with astonishment. It was a moment of embarrassment for me. I started looking here and there as I was so nervous. My hands started shivering and I could really hear my own heart beat.

Then suddenly I heard the thunder of clapping sounds. Yes, those people were appreciating me and though I was nervous somewhere in my heart, I felt great as this is for the first time somebody is applauding for me. Usually it is me who did this for several years.

Then one of the people came to me and said- man you are such a talented person. Why didn’t you tell us about your talent. You can do wonders. That was the day I got a motivation to begin. They forced me to sing on our DJ night. It felt like I am a pop star.

I even participated in our college singing competition and I got first position. Now people know me and yes, I have my own identity.

As I entered people were shouting my name and that actually broke the ice and I relaxed after that. It was my first show in the college. It was bit unusual that crowd reduced my anxiety instead of boosting it. I gave my first performance with my band. Yes “my band”. Believe me it is an awesome feeling.

After the festival got over our band members planned to perform in various shows. In short, we were looking for a future in this field. We all guys worked day and night and soon formed our own official band.

We gave our first performance as a band in an army party. Literally, we rocked it. We decided that we should create a page on Instagram and upload our videos. I thought I should buy Instagram followers as well as buy Instagram likes.

There are several sites which let you buy real Instagram followers. Our motive was to promote our band and thus for promotion, we made use of Instagram. It was indeed fun. I can feel that I was getting famous day by day.

Our videos were liked by the people. We kept on sharing new videos. In fact initially we gave several performances for free as we were not that famous. Soon as we became popular we started charging for our concerts.

Literally one can buy followers on Instagram as well as promote his ideas. And besides that after every program one can buy Instagram comments so easily. Your fans comments on your videos and are in awe of them. And the best part is that my band is named after my name which even boosted my confidence.

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