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I do not know whether you have any followers in real life, but there are quite a few that you can earn, if you play it right on the virtual world. There are quite a few of those apps, but Instagram is one of the most trending ones in the current market. There are quite a few ways by which you can get Instagram followers and likes. One of the many ways is to buy them. You can buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes also Instagram views should you feel the need. These are mainly fake and coded Instagram pages that are created by bots to get more likes and followers. But if you are looking for the real ones, you also have to the option to buy real Instagram followers. But all of these will come at a price. If you are looking to go easy on your pockets, then you have to play the game the hard way and you have to earn your followers and base your posts and photos that way.

You can refer to my previous article “How to Build Engaged Instagram Following” to know about some of the details of how you can get Instagram followers and also “What to Do for Getting More Followers on Instagram” for the same purpose. Here, in this article, I will take you through all the things that need to be done, in order to get more followers for your Instagram handle.

Followers and likes do not come easy. Of course you have the option to buy followers on Instagram but you will not be taking that option every time because it will be an expensive affair. Here are some of the things that you can do to naturally attract more likes and followers.

One major trick is to use trailers. One thing to keep in mind while you attract followers is to make your profile as appealing as possible. To make it more appealing, you have to upload quite a number of videos that are extremely exciting and interesting. You need to know your audience before you can take up and upload these videos. One of the most interesting ways to learn is to follow the news and check what is making the public excited. Upload trailers and teasers of the much anticipated movies or shows. You can also upload videos that are not easily available on the Internet. Do your homework and find out.

Another way to get followers is to arrange contests and competition, be it anywhere, anytime. If you start holding contests that feature a few small giveaways, you can attract a massive number of followers. People will definitely like all your posts and most importantly, follow you to get all the latest updates about your contests. You can read “5 Ways to Skyrocket Instagram Marketing” for tips to earn profits from Instagram. Using these, you can arrange giveaways, and make your contests a huge success, thereby increasing the number of followers.

 Another important aspect that you should keep in mind while you hold contests or upload videos, is the timing of your uploads. The timing plays a massive role in attracting and involving a lot of people. If people are stuck in their work or if they are busy for some other reason, they will not be able to see the posts and will miss out on everything, which means that you too will miss out on your followers. Spend some time on the platform to know when the maximum number of people stay online and surf others’ accounts. Picking a nice time, you can go ahead with your uploads. In this way, people will notice your contests and videos and will soon start following you. Once you have gained enough followers, you can slow down a bit on the riming part because by that time, people will already have adjusted to the timing that you follow.

These are some of the important things that you need to know before you start earning massive number of followers. Apart from the above mentioned things, you can always improvise on some of the other things. You can also gain a lot of followers by uploading the photos. I have also mentioned some of the types of photos that you can upload to gain massive number of likes as well as followers.

But there are some things that you need to take care of before you venture out on the quest to increase your followers. You cannot upload any sort of videos that are linked to any political parties or that degrade any politician on a personal level. Doing so will immediately invite trouble for you and the consequences can be dire as well. You will lose out on most of the followers.

Do these and you will be racking up massive followers in no time!

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