The Right Click For Instagram

The Right Click For Instagram

by igzy June. 13, 17 3 Comments

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms that are currently available in the market. The best thing about these social media platforms is that it not only connects with people from around the world, but it also ensures that people at least get to see what others from different countries are up to and that is important. It is important for people to learn about other people and their traditions and customs. It is not always possible for them to visit countries on the trot and find out about the traditions and customs, so this is where media platforms like Instagram steps in.

Instagram has quite a lot of privacy policies that need to be followed in order to prevent your account from getting banned. If you are looking for followers and likes, you have the option to buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram followers and can also buy Instagram views. If you want it real, you also have the option to buy real Instagram followers as well. In my previous article, I have mentioned about “Simple Tips to Gain More Engagement on Instagram quickly” and also, “5 Characteristics of Profitable Instagram Strategies”. I have also imparted ideas on how to do well thorough Instagram in “How I became Instagram Famous”. Well, in order to get the maximum amount of likes, you need to be very sure of what is demanded by the people using Instagram.

You cannot just flaunt everything you’ve got and show it to the world. That actually pisses off people more than it attracts gold diggers. You can either buy likes on Instagram or buy followers on Instagram. But in order to get likes and followers naturally, you have to be very specific of what you upload on these social media platforms, because everything is being monitored by the people over the world. Also, be very careful while you put in your details to enable people to find you. These data can easily be used by cyber criminals to create fake profiles and commit crimes using them. Anything against a political party or any of the politicians can even land you in jail.

So, in this article, I will tell you about the kinds of photos that you can upload on Instagram to get the maximum amount of likes and also, will give you a few tips to stay unaffected from these cyber criminals.

  • Practical Ideas: Practical ideas are the most trending posts that are currently found on Instagram. Not only do they impart ideas to people, but is also an excellent way to showcase your taste to the people. The better and the more innovative the ideas are, the more likes you will get. So make sure that you stack up your eyes and unleash them for the world to follow your trend.
  • Motivational Posts: People love being motivated up to a great extent and they are always looking for posts that will give them that extra motivation to finish a project or that job that they have been trying hard to finish. If you keep uploading motivational posts at times, people will keep coming back just to check them out and get themselves sorted, which will invariably increase the number of likes.
  • Photos of Superstars: Before carrying this out, it is essential that you know the public figures that your followers admire. Upload some of the photos that are an inspiration to all, if you want to play it safe. When you upload their photos, they are getting an opportunity to get a glimpse of their star and they are bound to smash that like button, which is exactly your purpose.
  • Posts for a Cause: Almost all the people out there browsing through their pages on Instagram will definitely have feelings that are for cause. Be it for the kids in Africa, or about women empowerment, this is something that is a little sensitive but will greatly increase the amount of likes that you will be usually getting on the posts. So be very careful while choosing your cause, pair with a nice caption and in no time, your post will be liked and appreciated by many.
  • Shopping Goals: Fashion on Instagram has been trending for quite some time now and is such a thing that can never go out of fashion. But it is necessary that you evolve and have a good taste of fashion before you start your own page-cum-blog on Instagram. It is necessary to know the choices and the preferences of people before you post something on the platform. So, know your audience and unleash that beautiful dress that you tried last week.
  • Crowd-sourced Images: Crowd-sourced images are such that are available at any given search engine but have to be something that catches the eyeballs of the people. If you want people to like your posts, upload pictures of brave men conquering the mountains or braving the sea or pictures of Mother Nature that depicts how beautiful the Earth is. Provide a nice caption and you’re ready to flood your notifications.

These are mainly the kind of pictures that you would want to have in your Instagram wall, so that you receive the maximum amount of likes. But as mentioned earlier, try not to overdo the things. This can upset a lot of people and they will soon start skipping your profile. Time your posts right and more importantly, pair them with nice captions that are related to the image, and try using as less hash-tags as possible. Hash-tags are extremely irritating for people and more often than not, they actually spoil the caption of the picture. Use the popular hash-tags and you’ll be good to go.



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