A New Window for Marketing

A New Window for Marketing

by igzy June. 12, 17 3 Comments

Instagram is not the new kid on the block but certainly seems to be the one who’s giving others a run for their money. An application that was bought by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012 is now the new flaming gun it has had. The company recently launched a new feature called the “Instagram Story” and this particular feature has become so popular over the time that the rival Snapchat itself feels threatened. Snapchat was the first to launch the story feature.  It will in a very near future be a money generating machine for the California-based firm. 5 Awesome Instagram Tools for Businesseswill suggest ways in which Instagram can be used wisely in the expansion of a business concern.

However, it is not only Facebook that is going to earn from the company. There are a lot other people who have benefited from the services provided by this social network.  They are those firms and big deep pocketed corporations who spend cash to buy followers on Instagram. For more information on how to gather more followers, one can give “What to Do for Getting More Followers on Instagram?a read.

They know that the teenagers are more inclined towards Instagram and thus there are a number of social media campaigns being run on Instagram itself. “Tips for Running Instagram Photo Contestscan be read to form a base to carry out these campaigns. The catch here is that the companies may have a huge number of followers but the question still remains about the fact that how many of the followers are actually real and genuine.

It is something similar to what people had been “accused of” doing on Twitter that is the buying fake followers. The key here is if a company buys fake Instagram followers the reach is very limited, as for every real follower the chances of another friend viewing the same Instagram post increases manifold. You can read “6 Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes to avoidso that you do not make mistakes while marketing on Instagram. Online Marketing is as harmful as its useful side. A small mistake posted online can go viral and can bring you down in no time. Instagram is a platform which is majorly used by the teenagers and the population whose ages range between 14-35 years. Thus Instagram should be carefully while being used as a platform for marketing a brand or its services.

Followers aside, the Instagram likes that these posts generate also popularize a post because it is the likes which matter ultimately in making a post go viral. So in a way, the firms buy Instagram Likes as well.

Instagram works in a way that, if I like an advert, my friends have a high chance of seeing the same advert. This translates into an interconnected network which will automatically earn you a greater number of followers. Thus, in buying real Instagram followers the connectivity and sharing of the post increases a lot. “5 Ways to Skyrocket Instagram Marketingis a useful read in case of start-ups desperate in making it to the news.

There are some private pages that work to generate revenue as it serves as the bread and butter of the co-creator. Their revenue depends on the amount of likes and comments they generate basically the kind of traffic they can have on the network. They are the ones who will show up in your explore section with decorative things like “Like for Like” hashtags etc. They work on providing you with interesting and enjoyable content so as to keep you on your finger and earn likes and comments. Thus, in this manner they are able to buy Instagram comments thereby generating traffic on the internet. They also sell us different kinds of services, as they serve as an inexpensive marketing technique for the start-ups. Another mandatory feature which these firms use is uploading promos or videos and then buying Instagram views, thus making the video going viral.

However, every method has its pros and cons so it is up to a firm on how it decides to deal with it. For some reason, a customer may have been dissatisfied with the quality of services provided or it may be for any other reason. How to Track Instagram Users Who Are No Longer Following You?is useful in getting back to followers to listen to their grievances and complains.

The firms have taken Instagram as a major platform to advertise their services and now most marketers use these applications and its impressive features in doing their jobs which have in turn resulted in quite a lot of productivity. Gradually, Instagram is moving to a position where the age group mainly using them at this stage will not remain the same anymore. Business professionals are taking to Instagram to develop a strong informal environment as well, thus, making Instagram a very useful application to be a member of.

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