Marketing with Instagram

Marketing with Instagram

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Instagram is a fast growing social media platform. It is a place where you can instantly take photos or videos and upload them in jiffy without any problems. Instagram as it can be said, is in a way addictive. This has led to millions of people to register on Instagram and posts random things sometimes. But if you are a company who is searching for a platform for marketing their product then Instagram is the right place for you. This is because wherever there will be people, that is the best place to promote your product.

Instagram is an easy to use software

Instagram is a freely available social networking software in any of the app stores. You can access it with simple registration and you are off to use it without any barriers. It is very user friendly and growing software. Its user’s numbers in millions, because of its credibility.

How small business can use the growing users of Instagram to their benefit?

  1. Register yourself at Instagram with your brand name and your logo as your profile picture (mostly).
  2. In the information section you can provide a link to your company website.
  3. Link to your other social media accounts like Facebook for example.

With this you are ready to bring your product in the market of Instagram. But it is not an easy to go road. You first need to make people feel your presence. Then you need to slowly increase your followers to help your product promotion grow.

How to build your presence on Instagram?

  1. Find a catchy account name

Lure the people in following your account with a catchy, attractive and meaningful account name. It should be related to the idea with which you have opened the account if opened for marketing purposes.

  1. Put up an appealing profile picture

Your profile picture often tells a lot about what the account stands for. Hence, you need to make sure that your profile picture is attractive and appealing like your Account name.

  1. Share good content

After the name and the profile comes your posts, which are the backbone of the process to build your presence on Instagram. You should not be scared to post anything at the beginning and take people’s views and ideas at the same time. Any feedback is valuable from the followers.

  1. Schedule

You have to time your posts such that you don’t end up posting it at the time when the majority of the users are sleeping it out. This is crucial if you want your brand to be popular on Instagram and if you want more followers. Also make sure that you posts photos or videos actively.

  1. Tag people

You should tag relevant and more number of people so that your list of followers goes on increasing. This is because their followers, whom you tagged might end up following you too.

  1. Follow the hashtag trend

Either you can post a picture related to the trending hashtags on Instagram, if you are a normal blogger kind of a person or you need to create attractive and catchy hashtags to go with your posts if you are a company using Instagram as a marketing Platform.

  1. Buy Instagram followers

If say I was a company or firm owner seeking out potential clients purely based on advertisement on social media, then Instagram is a good start. A client always sees the number of likes if he/she is investing in the company or purchasing the products of the company. This can be achieved if you buy likes on Instagram, buy followers on instagram, buy instagram comments, buy instagram views and buy instagram likes. Also, if potential investors want to know how customers feel about the firm, then they can just see the comments section of the post as people write their reviews in there.

  1. Follow, like and comment

This is a great tip to build your presence among others. If you end up following someone, then they might also allow you in return. If you take another step and like and comment then they might do the same too. In this way you can grasp the attention of him/her along with his/her followers. It will prompt them to check your account and eventually your product.

  1. Tell people what they need to do once they start following you.

Growing your business faster by telling the people what to do is a time tested, straight to the point tactic. You must tell the audience first how your product is gonna benefit them and then you should tell them where or how they can approach you to access the product. In your post you should have something like click on the link in the description for further details and provide a link to your website (if any) in the comments section. This is the best way to tell the people what they are to do.

You can even use Instagram as blogging site with posting photos instead of writing blogs on your ideas. Say you are a part of the culinary industry and want to write about food you can even say this with the help of photos or videos. This will help in promoting your blog too. You can provide the followers of your Instagram account with the link to your blog in the comments section. In this way people can access you and your blog easily even on Instagram.

Not just this you can sell your stuff rather pure marketing on Instagram. Similar to promoting a blog, you can post the photo of the things you want to sell along with their details in the photo or via the link given in the description.

As mentioned above, sometimes if you decide to buy real Instagram followers, buy instagram likes, buy instagram comments and even buy instagram views, it can help you achieve the title of being “famous” and having the highest number of followers without any trouble. Thus, it can be used by newly opened account for initial branding of their products.

Thus, it won’t harm us to say that Instagram has many good uses even though it is addictive. You can promote your brand in better ways using Instagram that following the conventional marketing ways.

Keep posting, keep Growing.

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