Instarket- The Instagram Market

Instarket- The Instagram Market

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Instagram Market is mainly a mobile and internet-based photo sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately. Users can apply various filters on their pictures and can thereby attract followers to their profile. Hashtags can be added to their posts, linking the photos up to other content on Instagram featuring the same subject or overall topic. Originally, a distinctive feature of Instagram was its confining of photos to a square. But now with the advancement of other social networks, that feature has been updated. The updates however have become similar to another social network giant, Snapchat.

Growing Popularity of Instagram

Instagram’s popularity has been growing at a very steady rate since it first debuted back in 2010. It is currently the second most popular social network after Facebook. Instagram has become even more popular because of its feature of prioritising upon only pictures. Instagram has dominated the social media market for quite some time now. It has mainly found success with young people. This is the first time, more than half (53 percent) of young adults, that is, 18 to 29 year-olds, are on Instagram, according to a survey. Instagram is easy to use when one is on the go.  It’s also a very simple app to use, with only a handful of posting options and the very addictive “infinite scroll” of new content. It’s a mobile-exclusive platform and one can immediately edit pictures he or she takes on the move to post on the platform. That makes it an in-the-moment experience, which naturally attracts a lot more people.

Scope of Instagram

Instagram also caters to an interesting audience. It offers publicly available posts like Twitter, but at the same time has greater control over spam and reasonably tight personal networks. It is not limited to one social function and has more than just one use of sharing pictures unlike LinkedIn which is used for professional networking, and is approachable to a wide number of people. This maximizes Instagram’s potential user base, and naturally encourages people to interact more. This also provides professionals to meet on a social platform. This social network aids in the making of a strong informal environment. Thus, in this way the popularity of members can be increased.

Popularity with Increasing Number of Likes and Comments

Instagram provides features such as purchase of likes and comments for business purposes. Profiles with higher number of followers are expected to attract more followers to itself. Hence, businesses generally buy Instagram votes so as to attract a large number of audience. Although illegal, this is growing and is becoming a very popular marketing strategy for the corporates in various fields of business. The act of paying for followers has been a relatively quiet part of the social media conversation for a few years now. Brands like Pepsi and Mercedes-Benz have been accused of illegally beefing up their numbers in terms of followers and likes. References can be drawn by the reading up articles such as Tips to Attract Real Followers on Instagram”. Their activities can be categorised into the following sub points. They are:

  1. Buying Instagram Followers – One can link their account to a service, make payment, and watch the audience grow. It can be quite cheap if compared to the number of services it provides charging around $3 USD for every 100 followers. But you get what you pay for. Although, in most cases bots take over the accounts.
  2. Buy Instagram Likes – One can also link their account and avail a service through payment, whereby likes on posts can be bought. Thus, increasing the popularity of the post and henceforth making it viral.
  3. Buy Instagram Comments – Instagram comments can also be bought by the payment of a nominal fee. These Instagram comments are generally made by robots and there is in no way, a real person using these accounts. “8 Benefits of Using Instagram to Grow Your Business portrays the perfect manner in which traffic can be generated in these sites and comments and reviews can be generated.
  4. Buy Instagram Views – Instagram views can also be illegally increased by payment of money on videos. The high number of views popularise the video and soon the video is spoken about in the groups of people.

Advantages of the Buying of Instagram followers

This is an interesting concept for businesses, simply because photos will allow a person to include their logos and services in a much more visual way. Photos are interesting, and are much more memorable than a few captions or writings on the page. Buying Instagram followers who are interested in the business will help it to grow quickly. The business is helped because of its then rising popularity in this easy way. Thus Instagram can be made useful in such ways. It’s a fast way to jumpstart the perceived authority of a business’s Instagram account. It boosts one’s social credibility right away. One appears more popular, and therefore people take the advertisement more seriously. However with the article How to Build Engaged Instagram Following?one can know how to buy real followers on Instagram.

Disadvantages of Buying Instagram Followers

Most commonly, the new followers are not real people. They are usually inactive accounts that merely look real. Moreover there are companies that claim to deliver real followers and should be regarded with suspicion. These services, however, merely give us an initial boost and one will still need to engage fans with marketing campaigns in order to achieve success. Purchasing Instagram followers carries a negative stigma with some people, so this should not be too openly popularized in public. The largest disadvantage is that the practice is illegal and hence is questionable to the copyright rights of the application and also the law. 18 Tools to Help Improve Your Marketing on Instagramcan be given a read so that one may know about the best form of Instagram Marketing.

Thus in this manner, Instagram is being used as a platform for marketing the products and services of a business house and is thus increasing the volume of the business.

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