Instagram – Thinking Big

Instagram – Thinking Big

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

Instagram is a place from where you will find the “real you.” It is like a mirror that reflects back the positive energy when you look at yourself in it.

It can be a great platform for growing your business and has gained immense popularity- for a good reason. It is the fastest growing social media. For people like me, who do not have followers in the millions, it is a great medium to use it in a fun way and sometimes post crappy pictures.

Photo challenges with different themes are arranged everyday on Instagram. It encourages people to explore their creativity and takeout some time for yourself.

There are several competitions that are held which helps in social media marketing. It can also help you expand your reach. You can get leads.

Do you wonder why people use Instagram stories more than posting pictures?

Instagram story feature, just like the Snapchat one, was introduced recently.

It gained popularity because the posts are not permanent. They disappear after 24 hours and you can mute annoying, unwanted people. You can post multiple photos and it plays like a slideshow.

Can I get free Instagram followers?

Social media marketing is a great way of moneymaking. It might be that your growth is slow as compared to other’s businesses. It’s frustrating to see that. Then you think about getting free followers.

Free is risky, it is not a straightforward method. Instead, you can decide to buy Instagram views, buy instagram comments, buy instagram followers and buy instagram likes as it is a straight and great method.

“Practical” Knowledge is wealth

Why wait for the time to come!?

I was sitting in the visiting room of my dentist waiting for my turn. Time flies very slow when you wait outside the doctor’s cabin. I picked up a magazine to just have a look. The magazine had an article on how digital marketing is growing and how blogging can be a good source of income. It was nicely written, very convincing. It made me think, why not? Why wait for the time to come?!

Every problem has a solution.

When I was in 7th standard we had a beautiful poem in our Hindi textbooks. A raindrop escapes from the cloud with its own fate. It can fall in an open shell, to turn into a pearl or on fire to extinguish it or on the ground to meet the river. Very true! Each one is born with his/her fate. If one doesn’t get popular on Instagram that doesn’t mean he/she is useless. You can buy Instagram likes. Every problem has a solution.

Makes a difference.

Did you hear anything about Mr. Diamond and Ms. Lotus? No? Okay, no problem. We all know that a diamond is found in a coal mine and a lotus blooms in mud. They were one such of the type.

When they both met at a rehabilitation center, their life took a different turn. After they made out of the rehab, Mr. Diamond started an inspirational Instagram page and Mrs. Lotus used to write for it. Together, they make a perfect couple. Instagram made a difference in their life!

A sharing platform!

My brother loves riding. When he was young, he used to pay a dollar for a cycle on rent and go riding all the day. He had planned to buy a bike for himself from his first salary, and we feel proud that he did! He posted it on Instagram to share the happiness! Sharing is caring. Isn’t it?

Okay, now when I say sharing is caring, let me share with you my story of Instagram, how I entered this field, how I became famous and a successful Instagramer.

Let us not beat around the bush. Let’s start!

I was scrolling up the Instagram feed wall, sick and tired after a long hectic day, when I received a Hi from an unknown person. I don’t know why, but I felt like reverting back. Might be because I found his timeline interesting or because I found him interesting. Whichever way it works!

Identity revealed!

My grandmother used to tell me, in the olden days, pigeons used to carry letters with a message on it which was the medium of communication between two lovers. I always admired this fact and as I grew up I realized that mobile is taking the place of the pigeon.

This unknown man is now my hubby, John. I had found my better half!

My first gift

I came across a video about origami on Instagram. May be it was presented well that I got inspired by it. I copied the steps to make a gift box by folding paper. No glue, isn’t that crazy!? And that was the first gift that I gifted him on our first marriage anniversary.

The first obstacle

Everything was falling in place, pitch perfect. We were planning to buy our own house. We were trying hard to save each penny. John used to say, the harder you work the luckier you get! But life had a different plan for us. Life said, “Better luck next time.”

I lost my job. Our dream shattered. But you know what, I never felt bad about it. I never wanted to do that job!

A light at the end of a tunnel

John used to leave for office early in the morning and I used to sit at home staring at the ceiling. I was sitting jobless, trying hard to spend time on Instagram. Then I started reading an article about how making money online. No sweat, just investment of time. And I had plenty of it! The dentist incident clicked me! Why wait for the time to come?!

I discussed about this with John. He supported and encouraged me!

Implementation of plan

I was really thinking hard about what should be the theme of my feed and secondly, how to increase the following. I invested some money to buy real Instagram followers. They were active accounts with engaging crowds.

Blogging helped

Earlier, I was into blogging which helped me a lot. I started selling content for websites. Gradually I started sponsoring products of other similar companies. My decision to buy Instagram comments helped me build trust and grow engaging, loyal clients.

Happy realization!

I live in Mumbai. Here, everyone is running behind success, chasing their dreams. We are running out of time, we are busy, we become mechanical. I never wanted to become a human robot, who works hard like a donkey for 12 hours, following the instructions given by the owner.  When I lost my job, I left that exit door with a smile on my face. That was not where I belonged! I realized it late, but anyways, happy realization to me!

Life is full of surprises.

My brother and I grew up in an open minded family. We were never forced to uptake a career. I knew Content writing did not have a huge scope. But I loved it. When I decided to quit the science field and enter mass media, I never knew the reason why I was doing it. I had no justification. I just wanted to! Now I am a successful Instagramer. I have more than 1500 followers and the number is increasing. I don’t know what is going to be served on the plate for me, because life is full of surprises.

Pulling everything together

Instagram was first released in 2010 and has gone way too far in size and quality. The recently added easy to use features, the look and feel, has all been an important component in its growth.

We have many successful Instagramers like Kevin Hart, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Leo Messi and many more. They are worth inspiration. Some  occasionally uses their accounts to sell different products too.

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