Instagram: Social Media Influencing

Instagram: Social Media Influencing

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Instagram is an internet-based photo sharing application that was first introduced to the market and the world for free in 2010 via the desktop and mobile devices. It was initially designed for its registered users to be able to share their photos and videos with family, friends and colleagues.

What started as a characteristic Silicon Valley tech startup, Instagram has grown and so massively upscaled to top levels that it has metamorphosed into an indispensable app for today’s generation. Besides being used as a personal medium to share one’s media, it has also become a hotbed for a growing number of online influencers and businesses who use Instagram as a tool for marketing.

What sells in today’s industry is having a huge online following. This has also opened up doors for third-party agencies that allow Instagram businesses to buy Instagram followers to boost their credibility. Users are also inclined towards buying Instagram views to increase their online visibility.

In a tech-savvy and internet applications oriented environment like today’s, maintaining a social presence is of heavy importance. An online outlet’s success is measured in terms of the magnitude of their following. This has irked many businesses to buy followers on Instagram to generate that online significance and validation.

Using Instagram as a tool to market one’s products has caught up with the existing markets today has led to an increase in the number of companies buying real Instagram followers as a means to boost organic growth.

It’s general consumer tendency to select a product that is popular and well-reviewed. The high number of followers gives credibility to businesses when it comes to attracting new consumers as well as retaining current ones.

Social Media Influencing

Instagram has become the hotbed for promotions and social influencers. The idea basically revolves around promoting a commercial product via Instagram channels using celebrities and other prominent personalities online. The business model aims at reaching out to a celebrity’s massive following via this social media channel.

They are called social media influencers because of their avid following and fanbase. Figure, if Leonardo DiCaprio promotes an acting class via his Instagram account. It might not be the best acting lesson service there is but the fact that Leonardo, a film legend, is endorsing it, is more than enough reason for people to sign up for this class.

Fashion Bloggers

You must be thinking, Leonardo’s probably going to charge a bomb to endorse that, right? Right. But that’s the idea. There are millions of verified accounts on Instagram of personalities with massive outreach. An upcoming but saturated trend is fashion blogging.

Amateur but passionate fashion bloggers are turning towards Instagram to create an online visibility to promote their sense of fashion. This could turn out to be a goldmine of followers for a fashion label or a cosmetic product brand. It provides a targeted marketing approach to tap into an audience that is keen about fashion!

Food Bloggers

The food industry is spicy. It sells like hot cakes. After all, who doesn’t like food, right? In cities that are adopting urbanization at a face pace, every week is witness to the opening of a new restaurant or the food chain.

While it’s technically very difficult to promote and advertise a new food outlet, this is where online food bloggers find their niche. The rising tide of amateur but passionate bloggers on Instagram has presented a more effective marketing tool for new businesses to reach out to potential visitors.

But enough of the business viewpoint. Instagram is not just a marketing tool for businesses and brands anymore. It is a potential tool for an enthusiast’s shot for fame. Instagram has changed the way people think about their lives and the lives of the people they know in person.

The rise of social media, which encompasses the massive growth of online channels has drawn individuals to start up on their own using just Instagram. Whether it is a ‘cook at home’ meal or cake service or a personal tattoo inking endeavor, Instagram has opened each one with open arms.

Fitness Blogging

The reason that makes me express about Instagram’s magic is because I have witnessed it first hand. I have witnessed acquaintances and friends start their personal entrepreneurial endeavors and seen their popularity increase day after day via Instagram. It has provided as a medium to channel their passion and create a digital brand for themselves and their talent which traditionally would have gone unnoticed.

Anyone with any talent or passion can start their own page on Instagram. Its open nature is what attracts most creators onto the platform.

While most individuals and businesses have adopted Instagram as a mainstream channel for their operations, many are just making use of this internet service for adverts. Instagram offers sponsored links for companies to market their products selectively with a streamlined target audience.

Instagram analyses your footages and locations to bring to your timeline ads about services and pages that might concern or interest you. Such adverts also buy instagram likes to present a popular image.

Sponsored links also buy Instagram comments to generate buzz among the audience. Noticing over 3000 comments on a particular post translates into thinking about how popular the page or product might be and is indicative of a large number of people talking about it. Buying likes on Instagram also helps create steam concerning a particular endorsement.



Instagram is all about constantly engaging your audience. With the inception of ‘Stories’, it has become even more convenient to communicate with your followers. Engagement is key. There are thousands of pages and products on Instagram that sell or market the same product or service as you do, but what sets you apart from the competition is the connection you manage to build with your followers.

It is easy for consumers to choose because of the availability of a wide range of products and services available now. The only way to hold a meaningful connection with your followers is by constantly engaging them. It is essential to keep reminding them of your existence and show that you care.

Most creators on Instagram can not and do not produce content every day of the week. On such days, it is necessary and fruitful for them to update a few posts about their time off or about things that are not necessarily connected to what their channel is all about.

In the end, it’s not about just providing resourceful content. Well, 90% of the game is. However, maintaining a steady digital presence is key to escalating organic growth.

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