Instagram – Social Marketing

Instagram – Social Marketing

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Technology advancements are at the peak of their success due to the wide range popularity given by media and other resources. People today are willing to use them so as to save their time, money and most important efforts.

Social media not only has given us a chance to express ourselves on global platforms, but have started to support the money making minds of some creative giants. Invention is the mother of necessity, a proverb very well said and perfectly suited to the present generation.

Social Media since its beginning has been termed as a successful medium to connect people over the globe, but as an invention are bound to take place this social connector was very well diverted towards a money making platform.


Instagram – One of more recent social media app which generally targeted at connecting people from all over the world, but surely the most diverted one too in the matter of money making opportunities. People have started making accounts to entertain, educate and alert the audience on various different topics.

One could easily assure that it has certainly created a lot more good vibes and has performed very well till now as expected. There are a lot more of pages and accounts which are making a good amount of money just because of their creative and out of the box thinking.

Life Changing Experience

I also with the advent of maturity joined this social platform to be updated about the world and its advancing technology. Many of my friends had an account on the app, but not many were aware of the benefits it could bring in for them.

I encountered many pages on the app which used to promote others and help them gain more and more followers, also helping in getting more and more likes on the posts by any of the individual. As a beginner always lost in the thought that what benefit they would be getting from doing such things?

Lost in such thoughts and my own imagination, I all of a sudden decided to start a page of mine on the social media app and experience the ups and downs by myself. This thought really helped me better myself and my account in the incoming future.

With some basic things in mind and help from the friends, I started a page on Instagram relating to different facts present in the world not unearthed yet to the general public. Now, one by one hurdles were to appear on the way of my success as an entrepreneur on the app.

Getting Things To Perfection

Building on the basic idea, I spent some days collecting information which could really help me to attract more and more people towards my page. Then I finally met with the first Herculean task which was deciding a name which would sound decent, attractive, unique and out of the box all at the same time.

Searching the tiniest corners of my mind and internet I finally was able to decide the name of my page as “Inquistive Minds”. Starting from the very basic postings regularly and at different intervals, I slowly and steadily started to build the foundation of my venture.

Likes and comments on the posts were not as expected. They were very less in number and beside this the most concerning was lesser number of followers on the page. I was getting very much disappointed and decided to take a break and observe more.

I in this crucial turn learned the technique of getting more likes, followers and comments. Friends my long term question had taken a very well deserving end when I came to know the fact that what is the benefit people gain from advertising individuals?

Money, yes you heard it right the money making drive has led them to such type of promotion. One could buy followers on instagram  by giving a specified amount of money to the page account holder who have a huge number of followers on their account.

So, as a risk I decided to do the same and started to buy instagram followers from pages who were having a huge base as they were having a huge reach and paid them for promoting my page on their posts. This really helped me with my page as the count of followers on my page increased to a good level.

Also, with this I bought likes and comments for my posts which acted as a stepping stone to my page’s success. Also, devoting the needed time to have a discussion with my followers about the modification and changes needed in the posts and the criteria on page. I garnered the deserving instagram likes, instagram comments and more importantly a 7000+ follower base for my page. Also, I started to buy instagram likes and instagram views for my posts.

Then, with this huge amount of success, I also started to advertise individuals as well as new pages for a nominal amount and posting at the same time. All the hard work and the needed investment had paid off very well for me. Also, the information about the videos which garner popularity, marketing with instagram, success stories of instagram helped me a lot in getting real instagram likes, real instagram comments, followers and real instagram views on my page.

All these Instagram followers, the likes on my page, comment, views on my stories and posts on the social media helped me to have a great and successful edge over other budding account holders on the same platform. Also in my opinion, the calculated amount of risk was very much crucial to my page’s success story.


All in all, the journey of my page has been full of challenges, hurdles and difficulties, but determination, proper planning led to my success at the end. Surely, one need to watch each and every step as being a global platform it involves communication and transfer of information worldwide.

Also, learning is the best thing one acquires from this social giant. It brings a sense of achievement and success for every beginner to start well and at a very early stage of his/her life with huge fame in the end.  And once again it has proved that surely technology has revolutionized the present world of living with certain modifications.

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