Instagram proved me right

Instagram proved me right

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

Instagram will make my business rise so easily was a matter of doubt initially. I was a beginner and was not even sure that my idea of starting a new business will prosper.

It is really important to prove yourself when you made a decision which is against your parent’s will and wish. And even I didn’t know that Instagram can let me buy Instagram followers.

My story is a bit different and very unusual. I was a brilliant student in school and I scored highest at district level when I was in tenth standard. So my parents decided that they will provide me coaching so that I can prepare myself for IIT.

I agreed that time. I feel maybe that time I didn’t discover myself. I did what my parents told me to do. And I was a happy doing that. Life was going smoothly until my IIT exam took place.

I did well and I was sure that I would crack my exam. During those days I was free and I used to have friends in commerce. I used to go out with them basically enjoying my post examination period till my counselling starts.

My friends were planning for an online site which will provide the user with stuffs like vegetable or any household product. The user just needs to order what they want and they will be providing them with that stuff. They will provide indoor services to the user

I found the idea really appealing and I even made a strategy with them. Believe me, this was the best thing I have ever done. Even physics, chemistry or maths didn’t provide me with such thrill. Soon I started finding them monotonous.

Then the most awaited day arrived and yes, it was the day when I was about to get my IIT results. The result made me too upset not because I didn’t crack my exam, but because I did it. My parents were too happy, but I felt sad within myself.

Instagram helped me to choose happiness over money

Whole night I didn’t sleep. May be I don’t want to pursue that field ahead. But the point is how to explain this thing to my dad. I don’t have that much courage to tell him. He will definitely get wild with me listening to this.

Somehow I composed myself and planned to tell this thing to my mother. I went to her and dictated her all the things. At first she was astonished. But when she looks towards me then she realized that I am actually not happy and I am not willing to pursue it further.

She replied me gently that, don’t worry, it’s not too late. In fact, it is really good that you found out what makes you happy. I am proud of you. Those words were heart melting.

I did cry in front of her and she promised me she will talk to my dad. I was a bit relieved after I had a conversation with my mom.

My mother told my dad. He was actually angry and he refused me and I was a bit adamant to do it so I didn’t quit. I keep on insisting him and finally he agreed but I know he was not a happy at all. He didn’t even help me with my site, but my mother did.

We started working on our site. Each one of us took some financial assistance from our homes and I even took it from my mother. Initially we planned to promote our site through boards and banners, but later we find it useless.

So my friend came up with an idea that we should make use of Instagram for promotion. We promoted our site and soon we made a position in the market. It was a big thing to make a position in the market at such an early age.

It lets me buy followers on Instagram as well as even let me buy Instagram views. I was doing good but still we didn’t achieve what we planned for. So we made use of Instagram and started announcing offers on a daily basis. We used to post such offers on Instagram.

This proved to be a good idea. This lets me buy likes on Instagram. And even I did buy Instagram comments. Slowly- slowly we were improving and I was having constant support of my mother but still It didn’t satisfy my dad.

I worked harder and harder to satisfy him. He started supporting a little. And soon my site gained popularity and I even found that there are sites from which one can buy real Instagram followers and in fact we did buy Instagram likes.

Those were the stressful day and mostly I was the one who was most stressed among all as I changed my career at such a stage which is really hard to attain. My father used to remain silent and didn’t support me much.

At times I felt that I did wrong with my dad, but the very next second another thought clouded my brain that what if I pursued IIT. Will I be happy throughout my life. I know I won’t be contented with my life.

May be I will be earning more in IIT but what about personal happiness. It is always a difficult choice to choose between money and happiness. It actually needs courage. Few decisions taken on right time can prevent many misshappeninings. This is what I did.

It has been 3 years since I opened that site and presently I am a manager of that company. I am doing good. May be earning less than an IITian but for sure more happy than him. At least I am not forced to work for several hours by my boss.

I am my own boss and that’s what the best part is. But believe me, I would be nothing without Instagram. I was having only two support at that time one of my mother and another of Instagram. I must say Instagram made me what I wanted to be.

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