Instagram Popularity

Instagram Popularity

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Instagram and Fame

No one here is unaware of the popularity of social media. Social media not only connects you with your loved ones, but can prove to be a great platform for your business expansion. The more frequently people see you, the more attention you gain.

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms. You can here share your content in the form of photos. Something thing that you see and visualize is more in your mind than the thing you read, and this phenomenon works in this case as well. You can circulate your thoughts and ideas among the vast number of audience.

Popularity directly proportional to Followers

Your popularity on Instagram is directly proportional to your followers. The more followers you have, the more viral your content will be. The followers are the Instagram users that follow you, and are interested to know you more. Talking about brands, the more popular the brand is, the more are its followers and vice versa.

People follow the thing they are interested in, so to increase your fame, you need to post the things which your audience is interested in. The more active you are in instagram, the more likely people are to see your posts.

Followers attracts followers

The more followers you have, the more users will get attracted to your account. The first thing a person pays attention to on visiting an unknown account is the no. of followers that the account has. If the followers count is not up to the mark than people generally skips the account, assuming that the content of the account might not be interesting, as it has failed to attract other users also.

How to Get Followers in Instagram

A person to get more followers to his account can simply ask his friends and family to follow him and share his posts. For a person this will get sufficient followers. But if you are promoting your brand, business, or are willing  to spread special social, political or any other kinds of messages, then only this much followers are not going to help you to achieve your goal.

In the above case, you need popularity and attention of millions of users. To get so, either you can wait for years, so that your page gets followers automatically with time, or you can instantly increase your fame by  buying real instagram followers, by buying instagram followers you increase your followers count genuinely by getting a real instagram account following you.

Once you have increased your followers, here works the flowers attract follower phenomenon. The more persons following you, the more your posts get attention and likes and similarly, the more popular topic you will be to talk about. And when people hear about you they start getting interested in you, ending up following you themselves.

Experience to share

An example of such a case is of my colleague, Rajiv. He used to work as Compliance Executive at my company, but had a great painting savvy. He used to make awesome painting, and in order to get an identity as a painter other than just a compliance executive, he chose social media.

Instagram being the only platform where photos are everything, even text posts without them are not allowed, was the best platform for him. No words, no promotional speeches, just his work and lots of appreciation, suggestions plus attention.

He opened an account in Instagram and begin to upload his works on it. He somehow managed to get 60 followers for his account in the initial days, that mainly were his acquaintance people. But the growth eventually stopped as his posts were not even visible to a large number of users.

He got only 4-5 followers in his next 3 months. We began to search and analyze the success stories of popular instagram users that got popular in their early days in Instagram. While going through these stories, we came across the term buy real instagram followers.

That was first time we even heard such thing, how can someone buy followers on instagram, after a detailed research, we found that one can buy both, instagram fake followers, as well as the real ones. The difference between both is, if you buy fake followers, fake accounts will be following you, increasing just number of followers count of your account, it will do nothing to your popularity.

On the other hand, if you buy instagram likes, buy instagram comments, buy instagram views from a reputed company then this collectively raises your followers further.

We profoundly explored the topic and finally chose a company to buy followers from. It was super easy and fast. We were given different packages of followers to choose from. We chose one that seemed to be suitable for Rajiv.

Instantly, his account’s followers increased, many real and Instagram active users started following his account. His post views grew drastically, increasing the likes and the comments.  Soon after buying followers, he started getting new followers and his popularity increased to an another level. Finally, he got his identity as a well established painter which he always wanted.

Though buying followers is a genuine and fast way to get fame but one should be super attentive while deciding to buy likes on instagram for their account as there are many site available online that sells them but proves to be a spam. Checking the company’s status, reviews, work, and popularity is the basic precautions one can take. There are many companies that are trustworthy  and can genuinely help you get the popularity that you and your work deserve, you just need to find such company and invest in it.

Social media is absolutely free and can be very helpful when it comes to promoting something, as approx 75 % of the population is engaged in it. One can use social media in many beneficial ways, the only thing he should know is how. The answer is not very difficult, we just need to search, research,  and analyze it.

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