Instagram: the Perfect Marketing Podium

Instagram: the Perfect Marketing Podium

by igzy June. 13, 17 3 Comments

Instagram, the photo sharing app, was created in the year 2010. Facebook acquired Instagram in the year 2012.  Instagram allows its users to post photos, videos, Instagram stories and also to go live!
It has long been used for marketing products and services under famous brands, some of them are endorsed by celebs while some startups believe in the endorsements by previous users.

Instagram can be used as an advertising platform for your brand as well as it acts like a social channel. There are three different formats of advertising through Instagram –

  1. Through Photo Ads– These photo ads look like the general photo posts, but they have a sponsored label above the photo along with a Learn more button in the bottom right corner, under the photo. The marketing department of your company posts photos which highlight the positive qualities of your product along with the company statistics. After you have posted influential photo Ads on your page, you can buy Instagram followers so that your Ad reaches to more and more people.
    one could also go through this article –  “ 5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Instagram as Online Marketerto get a better idea of this.
  2. Through Video Ads– These videos are same as any other videos being posted on Instagram apart from the fact that they have the words “sponsored” written on the top of the video.
    Videos of advertisements promoting the product work wonders for the product promotion. This gains likes for the page. One can also buy Instagram views for posts related to promotion. This is done through certain sites which sell likes.
  3. Carousel Ads:  Carousel ads are ads which look like the simple Instagram photos but this feature allows the user to upload multiple photos and followers can swipe through them. At this instance the page admin can always buy likes on Instagram.

Everyone is aware of the fact that Instagram is perfect podium for marketing and these ads allow people to have a clear view about the products on Instagram.
But there are certain mistakes users often commit. See this article to rectify such mistakes “6 Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Now let us have a look at the strategies one can use for Instagram marketing –

  1. To show off your product– Take pictures of your products, especially of the new products your brand has recently launched and upload those pictures while showing their beneficially sides.
  2. To show the work behind the scenes– Take pictures of your factories or the under processed products- this will give the users a clear view of your work environment and they will stay assured of the quality.
    And this is the time when if you buy real Instagram followers it will be beneficial for you.
  3. Include your employees – including your employees in your page, by uploading some team pictures of the employees along with office outings will generate a emotional connection with these people. This will gain you an added advantage of people liking your posts more and more.
  4. Ask customers to show off – Now when customers purchase a product from your online marketing site, ask them to upload a picture of the product after they open it. These pictures when uploaded spread a positive vibe amongst the other followers. So this is when the page intends to buy Instagram likes that will allow the posts to be in the newsfeed for a longer time.
  5. Post exclusive deals– Posting exclusive deals on your Instagram page will allow more and more users to comment on your portal and this is the best time to buy Instagram comments because certain beneficial comments will get generated by those comments. Then the posts would look more and more user-friendly. These deals engage a lot more followers in your page activities than ever, so can go through this article for more info on engaging followers. “ Simple Tips to Gain More Engagement on Instagram Quickly
  6. Run giveaways and promotions– Giveaways are a new tool that’s trending and arranging a giveaway is not a big deal. Here the users need to likes certain posts and tag some of their friends in the comments. You can also direct message them the app, ensuring that you have enough followers on Instagram you can buy followers on Instagram when needed.
    The follower need to repost the image with a particular hash tag so that when the contest entries are over the page owner can get to know the about the participants and pick a random winner from the lot.
    Go through this article to know certain business tips – “ A Guide to Turning Your Instagram Followers into Clients
  7. Embed links – All of us know that links don’t work in Instagram captions, nor do they work in Instagram comments. So where will you post the link so that the followers get access to the online portal or your online marketing site  and can shop for some products in real?
    One could easily embed the links to their online page on the page bio which is accessible to one and all.
  8. Respond to users comments– When the users comment on your images, videos, collages or videos you should always try to reply to each one them personally. This helps in retaining customers; they will consider you as a humble person and thus get emotionally attached to your page.
    When each and every comment on each and every image is replied to, it clearly indicates that the product belongs to a responsible firm.
    If one goes through all these tricks and tips, success of their business is inevitable and this will allow their product to stand out and make their marketing attempts on Instagram a huge success!

Still have some confusion regarding the strategies you should follow? Try some of these cool strategies as in this article “5 Characteristics of Profitable Instagram Strategies

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