INSTAGRAM-By the people, of the people, for the people

INSTAGRAM-By the people, of the people, for the people

by igzy June. 13, 17 3 Comments

I was reading this book “The Content Code,” and got inspired by it. I am so malleable! And from that day I became a great fan of marketers and content writers. They have so many skills in that single human brain.

Are you into digital marketing? If yes, you might find the contents of this article useful and a little bit familiar. By the way, I personally admire you all. You all are exceptionally talented.

Digital marketing is an art of promoting your product or brand by using digital platforms, one of them is Instagram. Content writers give a perspective of looking at the picture. Together they make a successful post.

Why should I market my business on Instagram?

That’s a good question. Let’s understand this from Jim’s experience.

Jim is a very talented boy. He has a few friends. He likes drawing cartoon characters. He expresses his feelings through comic stories, and trust me, they are very interesting. His life changed when he started posting them on Instagram. He started making virtual friends! Social media has the power of influencing an introvert.

It’s all about people

It increases your traffic. More the people on your profile more the sales. Profits! You can buy Instagram likes to influence people.

Free Free Free!

You can post free advertisements on Instagram. Isn’t it superb? Advertising is always heavy on the pockets. With Instagram it’s really easy! You can save this money for buying real Instagram followers.

A wide target audience

Instagram is a global market for upcoming entrepreneurs. You can build networks and gain new contacts. You can share your posts with Instagram followers as well as on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapshot etc.

Build Faith

All that you need at the end is an engaging crowd, which will help you increase your sales and a good fat number of trusty and loyal followers. You can buy Instagram followers for affordable prices too!

How to market your business on Instagram?

Who doesn’t want to grow big? Be honest. Everybody wants to be at the top of the pyramid.

Instagram packages

You can make your growth faster if you decide to buy Instagram followers. It gives you an initial push. If you decide to buy Instagram likes, it can further improve your profile score.

Free is healthy

After you have an appreciable number of followers, make use of the free tools that Instagram provides. You can convert your private profile into a business one. Give your followers a chance to contact you for queries or call you.

Overexposure causes damage

Hold your horses. Be sure that you don’t post so many photos that your followers get irritated and unfollow you. Gain the momentum steadily. Comments are very important part of your instagram profile. They show that people are interacting with you, asking questions about your experience, your products.  The comments mean that people are engaging with you. You can even decide to buy Instagram comments. There are many sites offering packages to buy instagram comments and it can help you. After you are successful in getting an engaging audience start experimenting.

Social skills

Be interactive, be creative. Use good hashtags and rich content and wait for the magic to happen! Buy Instagram views. They can assist you by giving some limelight.

Mistakes that should be avoided while marketing

Happy with your professional life? No? Want to know where you are lacking in? Let’s understand.

Attention please!

When you are growing on Instagram, your load builds up. Replying to each and every comment is a difficult task. But ignoring your followers and taking them for granted can cost you tons.

Do not disturb.

Making your profile private is a terrible mistake. You should value your followers as well as the non-followers. Your photos, videos and audios should be visible to the visiting audience. Alter your privacy settings and you can see Instant results.

Themes matter too!

Fix your niche and be firm on it. A successful marketing campaign can only be possible if you are goal oriented. Don’t let your efforts go waste.

Hashtags misplaced!

Hashtags are like the pinch of salt in a dish. Overuse can make the dish go waste, but a little less can still be tolerated. You’re limited to 30 hashtags per post. Use it wisely.

No Copy and paste

Be sure that the content you post is unique and original. Nobody likes stale food.

Incomplete profile

An incomplete profile is like walking on a plank. You cannot build loyal followers if your bio is incomplete. Have a good high quality profile photo and updated personal details to make you look more reliable and reachable.

When do you know that the time has come?

There are some little things one should know who which will make you realize that you are near to your goal. Let’s get started.

Finally a celebrity!

You have reached the target of 5000 and more subscribers.


You have started experimenting with the content and pictures of your brand.

Saturation point

You don’t need to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes. You have a consistent increase in followers each day.

Load increases

You don’t have time to reply to each one of them commenting on your photos, videos etc.


You become crystal clear about your life and you pre-plan your next strategy.

It’s more fun!

You start having fun and now your expectations are high too.

Singing out

You will always find Instagram intimidating the first time you handle it. Isn’t it? It is a good pastime.

Did you ever feel that you should be popular in real life? Oh! I wish I was! Instagram is no different. You can make followers and earn a living from it. As easy as abc.

You can easily grow your business. You don’t have to wait for anyone. Just buy real Instagram followers. And the best part is, it’s easy on the pocket! Make the most of it

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