Instagram and the magic it brings about

Instagram and the magic it brings about

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

Instagram is all about millions and billions of people posting photos and videos of themselves or their friends or an outing of theirs, etc. But amidst these there are many accounts which deal with posting of their hobbies, their interests and especially their work like marketing. It is all about sharing the things with your friends, families, etc., and people are definitely enjoying it. Nowadays it is not just a social networking platform, but as mentioned above it is also used as a marketing platform.

There are few reasons now why SMB’s are turning to Instagram for their marketing. Few of them are listed below:

  1. Firstly the instagram account is free to create and it has very limited barriers to registration.
  2. There are millions of Instagram users.
  3. All the users upload millions of photos and videos everyday on Instagram.
  4. It acts as a medium for easy sharing of photos or videos anytime and anywhere you are.

Now that we saw why companies may it be small or large, are seeking for Instagram to be their marketing platform. There are various tricks and tips they follow to make sure that they get more than adequate followers to promote their brand in the best possible way. But if you follow them, then your brand might be one of the most followed and popular brand on Instagram. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Tell what the brand/ your company is about in a form of story using photos or videos

As it rightly said that picture say more than words at times, and Instagram is all about visual appeal, so you need to be sure to convey the right message about your company or your brand via the posts sent via your account. Posting the pictures of your products constantly makes sure that the people are aware of your product’s existence. The posts should highlight the product’s main features and/or function in the most creative fashion.

Sometimes pictures and videos imprint on people rather than texts.

  1. Tell people what they are supposed to do

Growing your business faster by telling the people what to do is a time tested, straight to the point tactic. You must tell the audience first how your product is going to benefit them and then you should tell them where or how they can approach you to access the product.

In your post you should have something like click on the link in the description for further details and provide a link to your website (if any) in the comments section.

This is the best way to tell the people what they are to do.

  1. Use a great collection of content

Instagram is all about visual appeal and if our marketing strategies are purely Instagram based then you need to be more careful about how you post stuff there. You need to take help from professionals wherever possible to increase the quality of your post. You can do this right from taking pictures for your posts to editing them before uploading. You can even use the filter media options provided by Instagram.

  1. Make sure to connect with your followers

Maintaining contact with your current customers/ followers is of vital importance in ensuring your growth on social media platform. You can do this by replying to their comments and questions on your posts. If others see that you are replying adequately to the comments then you will be able to attract a lot many followers in the future.

  1. Use hashtags with your branding

Use unique and custom hashtags to brand your product or company. This will make it easy for people to find you amidst millions of other users. It will also help you promote your brand as others might also use them in their posts.

  1. Be active once you start

Post a picture or video on a timely basis so that people don’t get a negative impression. Show people that you are active. You can even try posting at various hours of the day to see which time makes you receive the best reception.

  1. Be consistent with your posts

Consistency is another crucial aspect of Instagram posts. You should stick to a theme or story that you began with your posts till you end it properly.

  1. Link all your accounts

Link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to get dual publicity in the social media. This will help in empowering your marketing strategy. You can share in this way your posts on Instagram with the people who are your friend on Facebook.

  1. Repetition of Ideas

Repetition of your ideas may affect you in two ways, either it can really help in fixing the idea of your product in people’s head or it can make people tired and uninterested in your posts. So you need to be careful with people’s reception to exactly how many repetitions and when you do them.


 Buying Instagram Followers

Sometimes while pitching to your investors you need to give them numbers, number of followers of Instagram account, your profits, shares, etc. etc. Since Instagram followers are a bit of an advantageous factor while pitching you need to be sure that you have an excellent number there. To do this in your initial stages of business you can buy instagram followers and get a target value. You can even buy instagram views to add to your pitching number which will intrigue your investor.

Buying Instagram Comments

Since the comments tell a lot to your followers and who don’t follow you about your attitude toward the product and the consumers, you can buy instagram comments, buy real Instagram followers, buy instagram likes and buy instagram views. This type of reviewing in the comments section of your product adds to your market strategy in a positive way.

Instagram has many uses but using it for Marketing purposes is trending nowadays in this world of digital media.

Being on top of the most followed/ most popular list of Instagram is an achievement which can help you grow your business in great ways. Now that you know some basic tricks to do so, even you can be a part of this list and take your marketing to the next level.

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