Instagram made me a millionaire!

Instagram made me a millionaire!

by igzy June. 10, 17 3 Comments

“If you do not work hard enough  in your twenties, you can never enjoy in your forties”

There is no easier way to attain success. But believe me, I found a bit easier one. Instagram is one such way. I buy followers on instagram and I learned ample of money through this way.

The saying is so perfect as everybody is well aware of the fact that one has to work diligently in his twenties to live a better life ahead.

This was the thought wandering in my mind throughout the day. I was so puzzled how to pursue my studies as well as a part time job simultaneously. I was reluctant to discuss this thing with my parents as I knew that  they would refuse me to do so.

I was preoccupied whole day with this thought and now this thing was getting on my nerves. I could not handle it anymore, so I called one of my friend and told him my dilemma. I felt good after that and then I slept.

Advertising through instagram-

The next morning I went through a newspaper and I saw an article which was all about buy Instagram followers to earn money”. Then suddenly an idea struck my mind. I  took the newspaper and went to the  college and discussed the same with my friends.

And to my surprise my friends were of the same belief, they planned to make an Instagram page named “ food hub”. Our motto was to buy followers on Instagram and to earn money through that. So we made a plan and according to that plan each one of us went to the few newly opened hotels and restaurants in our city. We talked to their managers regarding promotion of their hotel or restaurant. Then we explained them our promotion strategy. We told them that we will buy Instagram likes and will also buy Instagram views regarding your hotel in our page named “ food hub”. Thus the main motive was to  buy likes on Instagram on our post which will be advertising your restaurant. He agreed to that and in turn he was supposed to  pay commission to us as well as money for advertising his hotel.

After he agreed we took few pictures of his hotel and clicked a picture on his menu as well. We posted everything regarding that particular hotel on our page time to time appreciating its interior, taste and service. We expanded our work and keep updating the page with all the newly opened hotels and restaurants in our city.

We asked our friends, family relative to like our page and sent this particular link to their friend and family members as well. Soon our page became famous and we collected thousand of Instagram likes.

This is what I did when I was 22 years old and today is my 25th birthday and I am successfully managing this page as well as working as an engineer in Pune. When I started this page I was really not sure about its success. I just kept on working for this page day and night and don’t get surprised if I say that I earned lakhs of rupees through this page.

In fact, to be honest, I can never earn this much so quickly, even through my engineering degree. I thought of leaving the job and devote my entire time to food hub, but this idea was not liked by my father. For the sake of my father’s happiness I am pursuing my job else I would have left it the day I wanted to. Having your own identity is the desire of everyone as it is said work until you don’t have to introduce yourself.

Initially  I never imagined that this page will go so long. And the best thing about this page is that not only I buy real Instagram followers but I am still in touch with all my college friends who started this page with me 3 years back. We have a Instagram group on which we discuss regarding our page and share required information related to our page and thus in this way we are still connected till date.

Working with those people is really fun as it keeps reminding me of my college life. I really cherish those memories till date.  And I believe this friendship will last till the end.

Instagram helped me earn name and fame…

One should stick to his beliefs as I did. Through this page I buy Instagram comments of the few famous people of my city. This job not only provided me with enough money, but more than that I earned respect and fame and I am recognized as an owner of the big fame page. May be this is what I always wanted.

I again repeat those words of mine- work hard in your twenties, so that you can enjoy in your forties. I know it is a bit hard for one to do part time job while pursuing his studies, but once you have decided  to do so, you will surely end up doing it. In these years a person is highly energetic and enthusiastic about his work and life.

What one needs to do is that he/she should direct his energy in a positive manner. Each one of us can create an Instagram page and earn money. Photography, craft galleries, or even home made food are being advertised through these pages these days.

The happiness you will get when you will get your first salary is worth capturing. I remember the day when I got a cheque of rupees 10,000 from the hotel manager. I was the most happiest person in this world. I went home and handed over the cheque to my father who was initially not supporting me, but since that day he never stopped me from pursuing my passion and I kept on working for it.

And besides that I never gave him a chance of complaint during my college days  as I used to perform well in my semesters too. This was all he wanted from me.

Not only did I earned money from this work, I even earned lots of respect, self confidence and leadership quality. I owe all this to instagram. Frankly speaking, I am here because of Instagram.

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