Instagram made difficult task easy

Instagram made difficult task easy

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

Promoting a business is really difficult when you are not financially strong. Whether it is an inexperienced entrepreneur or a new businessman it is equally difficult for both of them to spend a huge amount of money on advertisement. Instagram strategies made it really easy. One can buy Instagram views or buy Instagram comments to get famous. This was the concept I used for promoting my business. Easy implementation indeed.

My father died of cancer when I was in twelfth standard. My family financial condition got poor day by day. After the death of my father, my mother went into depression. I was too young to do anything but still I don’t know how I managed to do it.

Being a twelfth class student it is really difficult to start any business but I had no option. It was initially really difficult for me to set my own business. As I was totally inexperienced, it was indeed difficult for me to get success in any particular business.

All those years were full of great adversity and my mother was not even in a condition to work along with me. Starting a new business and making that business famous is an art.

Instagram pave my way towards success

I took help of Instagram for the promotion of my business. As I was having not much followers I thought this would let me buy few Instagram followers as well. There are many sites which allow one to buy real Instagram followers.

Those were the days of real hardship. I still remember how difficult it was for me to decide which business I should pursue to earn my living. As I am a practical girl I knew I could not give up that easily as my whole family depends on me. So I started looking for my interests.

I was a bit interested in fashion designing so I started my business with a saree shop. I know it was difficult for me to make a good earning initially, but I kept on working. So as I am a girl of the modern age, so I planned to promote my business using Instagram. Instagram boosted my business.

I used to upload regarding my shop and plus our new saree collection on a daily basis. My financial condition got improved and then I planned to convert my saree shop into a boutique. So I joined a fashion designing course and started pursuing my dream.

By that time my mother has recovered enough and she could easily manage saree shop till I used to attend my fashion designing classes. I was learning each day.  Whatever I used to learn I tried to implement those things after I reach home.

Instagram can change your life..

I again took help of Instagram. Instagram is just not an application for me. To be honest, it taught me a lot. Searching for new designs and collections was my favorite job. I spend several hours operating Instagram.

As my fashion designing course got over I started working for my boutique. Since I was not much strong financially I couldn’t afford to advertise about my boutique. So it was a big dilemma to how to promote my boutique.

Then again, I made use of Instagram for promoting my designs. As my boutique gained bit popularity I closed my saree shop and devoted my entire time for boutique work only.

I wonder how I did this, but yes, I did it. Instagram did it all for me. “If you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”- so aptly said. Willpower is what that matters in the long run.

One should never run away from difficulties. Just face them and believe me, once you decided to face those difficulties you will automatically get through them easily. Starting a business was the most difficult decision for me as I was having very little money with me. I was hesitating while spending those money as I was not sure whether it will be a success or not.

Instagram made it really very easy for me. I wonder if I buy Instagram likes or buy followers Instagram. Instagram is the best platform for promoting various ideas, jobs, and business.

In such a competitive world, it is a difficult job for the one to convince the users to buy his product. And according to present day trend what one sees on the internet is considered a trend so such promotion using Instagram was necessary.

The world run behind brands and just to keep in place with the changing world, one has to change his ideas of dealing with the costumers. I wish I could buy likes on instagram through my work.

The strategies of marketing include promotion as a key component. Experienced entrepreneur can easily invest huge amount of money in promotion, but the small businessmen who can’t afford to spend so much has to find some other way for promotion of their product.

Believe me, I felt personally that there is nothing better than Instagram for promoting my business at that stage when I was not having even enough money to begin my business.

Few things which I learned while promoting my products on instagram-

-Random pictures don’t work. One should post constantly, then only it will get noticed by the users.

-Previously I used to think that for posting a picture I should have a DSLR or a good quality camera, but soon I realized that the picture you post should provide detailed information about your product. That is what matters.

-One should maintain good relation with their customers online as well.

-Always use hashtag on Instagram because Instagram users interact using hashtags.

– And one most important thing I learned during this whole process is that- it doesn’t matter whether you are a millionaire or just a starter what matter is that how persistently you work.

Instagram taught me a lot and I even met many new people using Instagram. Thus, it is an application which provides you with lots of experience.

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