Instagram Hacks to Rejuvenate Your Account

Instagram Hacks to Rejuvenate Your Account

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One of the most popular social media apps of the day is Instagram. This is a photo and video sharing application that comes free of cost. It has been widely used since its inception in the year 2010. Regardless of whether you’re an Instagram newbie or a professional, these are some Instagram hacks that everyone can use.


  • Editing Tools:

Instagram has a wide range of editing tools that can be used for enhancing the quality of your photos. Instead of simply using the filters provided, you can use the various other editing tools as well. Increasing or decreasing the saturation, brightness and/or highlight can change the entire look of the photo.


  • How to Add to Your Photo Map:

You can put your pictures and videos on the photo map by just tagging a location. This allows people to know where you are. Moreover, your photo and/or video will come up whenever someone searches for that particular location, providing more exposure to your Instagram. On the other hand, if your main concern is privacy, you can remove geotags from the photo map by click at the Edit option at the top right corner of the map. Buy Instagram likes to boost your Instagram interaction.

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  • Connect to Other Social Media:

To increase your connectivity and reach considerably, linking your Instagram to your other social media accounts is a viable option. Go to your Profile Tab (the three vertical dots in the right hand corner) and then click on the Linked Accounts option. You’ll get the option to link multiple social media apps to your Instagram account. After doing this, you’ll get the option to share your Instagram posts on your other social networking apps every time you upload a photo or video. Buy followers in Instagram to maximize your reach.

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  • Removing Tags from Tagged Photos:

In this case, especially, it is a lot less cumbersome to handle your overall image on Instagram than on other social media. If you don’t want others to see a photo that you have been tagged in, just tap on the concerned photo. This will cause your Instagram handle to pop up. Now, by tapping on your handle, you’ll be able to see the option ‘Remove Tag’.


  • Use Popular Hashtags:

Hashtags are a tried and tested method of getting your account noticed on Instagram. The correct choice of hashtags links you to the likeminded people and also boosts the engagement of the photos and/or videos. Be sure to use the widely used hashtags, however, as random addition of hashtags will not attract any followers. Some popular hashtags are #like4like and #instadaily. Another way of gaining maximum interaction is to buy Instagram comments.

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  • Get Featured by Instagram:

Getting featured on Instagram is something that’s bound to skyrocket your Instagram followers. That, however, is something that’s hard to achieve. On the other hand, it is far easier to get featured on their Suggested Users list. Having a particular theme or style that helps your photos to stand out gives you a good chance of being suggested by Instagram. Getting on the Suggested Users list means that you’re going to be there for a whole week which, obviously, translates into seven days of exposure and increased engagement. Buy real Instagram followers to increase follower engagement.

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·         Managing Multiple Accounts:

If you have more than one Instagram, the new Instagram feature will serve as a boon to you. In February 2016, Instagram launched the much needed multiple account feature.  You can have up to five accounts from the same device.

·         Apply a Border:

You can add borders to your photos on Instagram for a more fun and quirky look. After loading the photo you want to upload, click on the border icon which is right next to the filter adjusting slider. The border changes in accordance with the filter being used, giving a retro and cool vibe to the photo. The only downside is that you cannot apply an Instagram border on a no-filter photo.

·         Create Unique Posts:

Instagram’s Boomerang and Layout apps help you to rejuvenate the look of your Instagram profile. These are individual apps that needed to be downloaded separately. This may seem taxing but can do wonders: Boomerang creates GIF like videos that can add a spot of fun and quirkiness to your posts while Layout helps assimilate multiple photos into one post seamlessly. Buy Instagram views to maximize interaction on Instagram videos.

These are some of the Instagram hacks that can be used by one and all to rejuvenate their account.

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