INSTAGRAM- Give it a thought

INSTAGRAM- Give it a thought

by igzy June. 10, 17 3 Comments

Hey! Did you recognize me? No? Okay, let me introduce myself! My name is Procrastinator. I have a Maths exam tomorrow and you know what, I am chatting with this girl next door on INSTAGRAM! Instagram is just fun, and I just love it! Don’t you?

I am a social person. I like traveling, meeting new people and interacting. Am I missing something? Oh yeah! Selfies. I like clicking myself too! Let’s do one thing! Let’s chit-chat! Kidding. I will talk and you listen, instead read.

INSTAGRAM for beginners

Are you a first time user? No worries, we have Mr Genie to help us out. He says that if your gallery is overflowing with pictures or if you want people to know what you reflect, Instagram is all that you need. It is an application to share your photo, videos or little moments of the everyday lives with your friends, family or your admirers.

3 Reasons Why Instagram is so Popular.

It’s easy!

You can access your Instagram account by signing in by using Chrome or an application. Just create an account and get started! And the good news is, it is absolutely FREE!

It’s so safe!

I have a friend. Her name is Miss Popular. I met her on Instagram! I know you caught me. Yes, you’re right. She is my girlfriend! Maybe that’s the reason why I am so obsessed with it. And now I make my living from it!

It’s assorted!

Instagram has multiple features. We have so many things on the plate that it is really difficult to choose “The Best.” You have filters, stores, Geo-tagging, hashtags, Instagram direct and much more!

Finally welcome face to face!

We had just finished our 12th board exams and we decided to party! So we arranged a night out at a friend’s house. We had everything in place, chips, juice, laptop and a pen-drive too! I know what you are thinking of. Dirty minds! We decided to watch a horror movie. The movie was testing our patience, so we paused it and started posting selfies on Instagram. I was new to Instagram then, but found it fun! That’s how it all started!

Sugar and Spice

I confronted many experiences as I was growing on Instagram. A coin has two sides. Similarly, I experienced the good as well as the bad side of it. I made new friends, patched up with ex-friends and lost some too!

Upgrades– The Next Level

We humans are interesting animals with curious brains. We need change. We need spice. We need surprises.

Instagramers are kept dynamic and in action by giving them a chance to explore the beauty of the application by consistently giving them updated versions. These are some features recently added.

Insta Direct- Cool to fool

The Direct in Instagram allows you to manage the visibility of your photo or video by privately sharing it with maximum 15 followers. You can also share them on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

You can also share disappearing photos to a group or an individual. The photo or the video disappears once the person has seen it, considering that he/she is your follower.

Insta Story- Each Day is a Miracle

Pictures can express a lot more than mere words do. Therefore, you should capture each moment of your precious life. The story that you post disappears after 24 hours and you can exactly see the number of views and the names of the visitors too.


Hashtags are tags where no special characters or space is allowed. One can use maximum 30 hashtags in his/her post. When you tag with a hashtag you can access the page where similar pictures or videos are uploaded.

FiltersLife is colorful

Filters can do wonders if you use them correctly or a blunder if not. Let’s be honest, we don’t have pro editing skills. Therefore, use filters that appeal to your eyes and not just for the sake of using. Normal, Clarendon, Juno, lark, Valencia are a handful of them available.

Geo-tagging-The World is Small

You can add location; add temperature and time to your stories along with stickers and emojis. This makes the post more attractive resulting in more likes and followers.

The secret to become a celebrity is brought to light!

Do you want to get instantly popular? Are you struggling to get followers or likes on Instagram? Here are some helpful tips exclusively for you!

You can probably get famous gradually and consistently, but it takes Time, and Time is Precious. Instead, you can buy followers and likes! An easy way out, isn’t it? They are available at affordable prices and takes your business or brand to another level. Buying real Instagram followers can work wonders and bring you into the spotlight in no time.

There is much more to it. Not only likes and followers, but you can also buy Instagram comments and Instagram views. It’s all at your fingertips.

You can also get popular by a steadily posting maximum two high quality photos each day, being active, having a great theme, commenting on everyone’s pictures, using many hashtags and your storytelling skills at your best.

Black and white

There is no such thing as a free lunch. When it all looks good, there is always an ill face of it too. Having a wide outlook before laying hands on it can always be beneficial. Let’s dive deep.

Advantages-The good side

Let’s have a look at the pleasant side of this application,

It is an effective way to build your social skills and communication skills.

You can easily share your photos and videos with your followers, they remain saved unless and until you remove them.

It’s a golden opportunity for marketing heads. You can promote your brand, products, or ideas visually.

Disadvantages- The flip side

There are a handful of drawbacks, but they are as important as the benefits it offers.

It does not work on Windows, Linux or BlackBerry phones.

It is all about photos. You need to be very careful while uploading a photo. It should be attractive; people will scroll up the poor image even if the text is beautifully written.

The Direct messaging can be a little tricky.

Logging out

Are you narcissistic? Do you love being a celebrity? Do you think you have a spark? Are you creative? Are you an upcoming artist? Are you a specialist?

Instagram gives you a chance to build your empire with a sustainable budget. You can buy followers and likes! There are a small number of reliable websites where you can buy views and comments too.

Instagram will provide you with a platform to explore your skills. You can find out what your peers are posting and also discover people with similar interests, increasing the wealth of information.

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