Instagram – Changing World

Instagram – Changing World

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

Today, social media has revolutionized our present century. We are living in the world where technology has benefited us more than any other invention. Knowledge of day by day increasing technology is as much important as living, due to the dire need of individuals using these technologies in a new and efficient way.

Social media here refers to the various platforms available to us at the present moment of time, through which we could voice our opinion, concern, connect with people, express our emotions, chat with friends, and make new friends too. One could also use it for various marketing purposes as to increase their business.

Invention of  Facebook created a lot more hype as it started to connect various persons living far more away. Then, same criteria was followed by Whatsapp and many more, but Instagram have its own far better benefits which has made it the talk of the present time.

Instagram Self Experience

Friends, I have been using Instagram for a year now. It definitely has changed my opinion about technology and its advantages and disadvantages. Surely, after such a long and great exposure I have clearly witnessed that as a coin has two sides, surely this app has too.

I had an account on Facebook which was rarely used as I preferred spending more time with my real friends and that too sitting together and generally considered it to be a sheer wastage of time. But after joining Instagram I realized how much the world has transformed itself just with the help of a social app.

A friend of mine who already had an account and a page on the app suggested me to join this. I joined for the sake of joining, but as I started to attain followers and the more knowledge I decided to have a new venture of my own and stepped into professional career still being a college student.

Beginning on Instagram

Creating an account and a page on Instagram was not a Herculean task, but maintaining and keeping up with the time was. My friend who had convinced me to join Instagram had a page named “Millionaires Thoughts” which actually was doing very much good.

At the very beginning, a lot of my time was used up just to decide about the name and criteria it became a very long task. Then, I decided to study a lot more about the various steps involved in the making. Then, I came across various methods to connect to the right and justified members.

So I started collecting more and more information about how to manage a page connecting to a large audience as one mistake of mine could prove very dangerous for me, people connected to me and others too. Then more about how to get more followers and use my page as a promotional and business idea.


After collecting such a large and varied information about Instagram and its use, I went on to create a page of my own about new technologies. Then came the plundering situation of getting more and more followers so as to create a larger database for further more adventures.

Instagram does not only let you create pages or accounts, but if a new startup is there one could actually buy instagram followers giving a shallow amount of money. Existing page admins help in the same way by giving shootouts on their respective post, i.e., reaching out to their followers to follow a new page.

Followers, Likes, Comments, Views

I decided to do the same and contacted my friend to do the same for me. He helped me buy real instagram followers, starting to a bold start which laid the fruitful foundation of my venture. Then, I started to follow pages which themselves had a huge follower base, so as to connect with their followers too.

Then, collecting information related to my page so I could make related post and post them on my page so that followers may connect and get a simple and easy available large information just a click away. Furthermore, one could buy instagram likes by again following the same money criteria.

Then, after posting more related photos to the idea of my page, I decided to design videos and more stuff so as to interest the audience towards the page and its going. Then, in the start I had to post as much as four posts a day, including a video which was in a way more creative and unique.

Then I decided to buy instagram comments and buy instagram views for the videos from the existing pages admins but as soon as I gained more and more followers, they gradually increased themselves. But, as it is rightly said that Change is the only constant rule of nature, so came more updates on the app like adding stories, Bio, and many more.

In this case of change either one comes out with bright colors or lose whatever achieved till now, but I decided to adopt to the change and deliver more to the connected followers and the world out there. I then started to receive requests from the followers about posting more about a certain topic or content.

Achieving Success

Among this all, I at last got a page having 6000 followers and ever growing. Now, I am currently planning to move my followers to 10000 so as to reach to more and more people and let them more and more informative through my page.

Surely, proper planning about how to manage, connect with followers, and financial management has led to me where I stand today. In my opinion spending money to buy followers on instagram, likes, comments, and views on my post was the foundation of my venture as people started to admire my posts from the very beginning.


I would definitely say anyone can start a new venture through this app as it is ever growing and a direct link between the two parties help work to be done in a more efficient and better way. Be it related to motivational thoughts, cars, gaming, marketing, etc., all are accepted, but the need is planning and goal.

This app has set a trademark and created a lot more change in the lives of many persons like me leaving them more creative, successful and rich at the same time. One garner a huge experience from this and could learn many life skills like time, money and work management, which could only lead to more successful and better life in the near future.

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