How Instagram Changed My Friend’s Life

How Instagram Changed My Friend’s Life

by igzy July. 17, 17 3 Comments

My friend (Kinjal) was a beginner to modelling. She was very passionate about this career option and she wanted to pursue it. Initially, her parents were against it, but then she convinced them by trying and trying. Once her parents allowed her, she did not understand how to begin her career. She thought about making a portfolio, however, she had no contact with anyone in the fashion industry. Thus, her portfolio wouldn’t mean a thing since she did not have anyone to show it to.

She, then, thought about turning her Instagram page into a portfolio. Like, a digital portfolio, which would be seen by many other fashion designers and she could get her first break. But starting with 0 followers on Instagram is a difficult task as you don’t know what to do and how to begin, that is exactly what happened with my friend.

She was confused, even though she had some really good photographs. Even after uploading those really good shots, she wasn’t receiving more than 5 or 6 likes. She then searched how to make effective use of Instagram.

A few of the articles such as; tricks to make your Instagram page stand out, success stories of Instagram marketing which helped her gain a little clarity about the matter. She never knew that she could even buy followers on Instagram.

How Instagram made my friend turn her life toward success-

She used Instagram to buy real followers on Instagram, she gained around 2000 followers and was very happy with her progress. She started posting pictures and received likes for the same. She even noticed that she was getting other followers, which she did not buy on Instagram, and was very happy about it. Buy real Instagram followers.

Slowly, she started realizing that the more she invests in buying followers on Instagram, she could also invest in order to buy likes on Instagram. She took the decision to buy likes on Instagram and her pictures started getting more than 1,000 likes.

Now, she was all set to pursue her modelling career and nobody could stop her. She started following big, professional designers and recruiters. She even personally messaged them in order to get their attention. She also got approached by a few small firms. She chose to work with them and get experience in modelling and to know how the process really is like.

How my friend built her fan base on Instagram-

Till now, my friend was getting likes and followers on a large scale. But still, only a few comments and a few views on her videos. She wanted to create an impression that she had a few fans as well in order to get signed by big magazines or big shows.

She came across an article, How to be popular on Instagram, she understood that in order to be popular and look like a good model who has fans, she had to have a lot of comments and views as well, which led her to buy Instagram comments and by Instagram views.

She started making posts about giveaways and having guest posts on her account. Since she had already bought Instagram comments, it appeared to others that she had many people taking part in such competitions. This also got her featured on other accounts as most of her giveaways involved other accounts to promote her page first.

This trick did wonders for her! She made so many friends and some people even started appreciating her work and made fan accounts for her. She finally felt successful and worthy.

Why my friend suggests everyone to use Instagram as a marketing tool-

My friend suggested me to join Instagram and even to the people who would ask her the reason for her ever growing success. However, my friend would also use other social media platforms, for example, Linkedin, but only to promote her own Instagram account. She attracted her followers and friends from other social media sites to her Instagram page. Thus, she accelerated the speed of gaining more followers on Instagram even more.

If you need help on which platforms to promote your Instagram account on; read this article that talks about 18 powerful tools where marketing your Instagram will be fruitful, click here.

This way, my friend made us of Instagram and helped her own self in getting both; popular and successful. Today, she even does product reviews for small as well big brands and reviews products such as; hair care products, skin care products, facial treatments, and so on.

She even does sponsor posts and promotes other brands on her account. With every sale, she makes some monetary benefits as well. Thus, she has made Instagram her full time job just like modelling. She is so happy that she chose Instagram and that Instagram lets you buy followers on Instagram as well as buy likes, comments and views on Instagram. This is very unlikely to happen on other social media sites, where you have work and work to get to even 500 followers.

My friend, Kinjal, made a smart choice. A choice we can all learn from. If we go from traditional methods of becoming popular on Instagram, it can lead us to quite lot of difficulty, hard work, too much time and many disappointments.

Kinjal had already decided that she did not want to work for followers, like, comments or views on Instagram as she was confident that after buying followers and likes on Instagram, she will start getting noticed to the public eye as well.

More than buying views, Kinjal benefited from buying followers, likes and comments on Instagram as it made her look like a professional model with lots of fan following. However, if your aim is to become a YouTube star or get cast in short films on YouTube, you can benefit a lot from buying views. Because, if you buy views on Instagram for your videos, it will appear to filmmakers that people are liking your videos on Instagram and thus increases your chances to get selected.

I hope my friend’s story helped you to understand the important areas that you have to work on in order to let Instagram change your whole life. I am also beginning to take advantage of Instagram with the help of my friend and her advices.


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