Instagram brought a revolution

Instagram brought a revolution

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

In the present day world, nobody wants to pursue small professions. But one has to do so if he has no options. Instagram can make his small profession big. One can buy followers on Instagram as well as buy Instagram likes though such methods.

I am a farmer who belongs to a very poor background. Being a farmer I faced loads of problem during the time of drought. We people lived in a village where still landlords exist. So we were forced to sell our crop to these people at cheaper prices.

We had no option since we had to survive in that village so we were forced to obey them. Years passed by and we were still working for them.

I sent my son for studying outside the village so after 10 years he returned back and saw the condition of the village. He was surprised to see such conditions. Since he studied in a city he didn’t like the feudal system at all.

Education changes one’s perception towards things and that person can no longer tolerate wrong things. He became smart enough to speak for his rights, unlike illiterate ones who still don’t have courage to oppose those people.

He was totally against it. But as I was afraid to deal with these people I asked him to stay quiet. But my child was a courageous one. He denied staying quiet.

Instagram helped us getting rid of mediators-

He proposed me an idea which will improve my business. As he was from the city he managed to get numbers of wheat sellers in a city and instead of selling my wheat and grains to a mediator present in my village, I can sell them to those dealers directly. Thus the profit earned by the mediators is used by me for doing some other work.

Actually, this was a wonderful idea. This way I used to earn much more money than I previously used to earn. My son managed to set contract between me and those dealers in the city.

Then when my business started progressing further my child implemented another thing. He made an account on Instagram. I was a poor man who even didn’t know how to operate the phone. Then I started working with my child.

He made a page on Instagram which let other dealers in a city to directly contact me instead of those mediators. In this way, both of us were benefitted as previously dealer used to pay more prices for the same grains.

The mediator was benefitted a lot as he used to purchase these grains at cheaper prices from me and used to sell them at higher prices in the city. Thus, through Instagram, I built my own contacts and in such a way I saved a lot of extra money.

I am really proud of my son and in fact, I am proud of myself who took the right decision and sent him city for his education. Believe me, an educated person can change the world and I am personally going through such experience.

Education helps a person to make a right decision on the right time. If in case my child was not educated I would have to work for these landlords throughout my life. Finally, I am the owner of my business.

Through my Instagram page, various dealers talk to me as I have mentioned my phone number on that page. Besides this, I even get the idea of the market price. Increased exposure to the market allows me to get the best price for the same grains.

With day to day variation in the market I keep on updating myself. Soon I became a modern farmer who is well aware about the market as well as the latest technology.

In fact, having so many dealers provide the additional benefit of making a choice. Obviously, I will sell my grains to the one who will pay more price unlike previously where I have to sell my grains to the mediator at prices decided by him.

To be honest, I had no right to choose. I was forced to do what they asked of me do. But after I got this application my life totally changed. It felt like I am the owner of my own business.

In fact, through this page, I helped my farmer friends to sell out their product and slowly we bought a revolution in the village when no farmer was willing to send his products to the mediators

Thus slowly village turned out to be the big market itself, where dealers used to come and deal with the farmers directly instead of dealing with the mediators.

In fact, I got many new opportunities. One of the dealers was interested in purchasing my land and he wanted to make a bakery over there. I was a bit interested as well as I will get money both directly and indirectly. Bakery provides employment to many people in the village

Soon a village started progressing at a faster pace. I sold my land and a bakery was set up. As per the contract, the dealer used to purchase all the grains from me to utilize that in a bakery.

I really feel blessed now and my son proved to be a real hero for all the villagers as well as farmers. It made my son famous among the people.

It can let you buy Instagram followers as well as let you buy likes on Instagram. It made our village famous In fact. Our village was recognized as a market itself.

There are several ways to buy real Instagram followers and buy Instagram comments, but the easiest way is by making a revolution. One should work towards betterment of the society and make use of suitable sites so that one can spread awareness among the people.

So one should strike hard towards progress and then only he/she can get success. One should be courageous enough to fight for his rights.

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