How you can market your product on Instagram

How you can market your product on Instagram

by igzy June. 16, 17 3 Comments

Instagram posts, paving your road to success

Want to be the talk of the day on Instagram? Want to be the famous guy on Instagram who has numerous number of followers?

Then this is the post for you. Learn about how you can be famous on Instagram or how you can market your product on a worldwide social media, where anyone from anywhere in the entire world can like, view or comment on your post. I am sharing here some minor tips and tricks which can turn your number of followers with just one post.

  • No followers increase?

Do you feel that you have put up the great posts on your behalf, but people are not reacting to it the way you wanted them to or the way you expected them to. Well then, I would say it’s time to bring some changes in your content of posts or the way you present your content. I am pretty sure you might be liking the stuff you post, but how people will start liking is something which every Instagram user is learning nowadays.

  • Tips to increase your followers

There are millions and billions of users on Instagram who don’t know you and your product. They will come to know you only with your profile and your posts. So your posts need to convey your ideas in the best way imaginable. This can be done if you follow some of the following tips and tricks:

  1. If you are handling a page types account on Instagram then you need some catchy and out of the box names for your account. Make sure it’s related to what posts you are going to put up via the account. Also keep in mind that the people should love it so as to make explore what you have in your posts.
  2. Have a great profile picture

As your name is your identity, so is your face, thus, as your profile name signifies what it is for so should your profile picture. It should be attractive, in a way related to your posts and it should grab people’s attention to your account.

  1. Posts should be something different from others. Make sure that whatever you are posting is something that is different from what everybody else posts, thereby attracting the people towards your account.

If you are posting stuff for selling purposes or marketing purposes, then you should make sure that they are portrayed in a capturing manner and is able to divert people’s mind off the other stuffs and posts. This will increase the number of followers you have and eventually people will start reviewing your products in the comment section.

If your product marketing is completely based on Instagram as a social media platform, then you may even buy real followers on Instagram and buy likes on instagram and lure people in. The greater the followers greater are the chances of you getting your potential investors. But  investors also need to know how your products are received by the people and customers, hence they go through the comments of the posts too, and you can easily buy instagram comments, buy instagram followers, buy instagram likes and buy Instagram views to set a better impression on the investors.

  1. Use the filters available on the instagram and other tools to make your posts more attractive.
  2. All this with a great and catchy caption to go with your posts can lead to your posts reach to increase a lot.
  3. Try to build a story around your firm or company or product and tell them to the consumers/ investors/ followers, etc. and keep the posts going in such a fashion that people can maybe link them to realize that your product means something.
  4. Link your various accounts on Facebook and Instagram. This will be helpful in dual marketing on Facebook as well as Instagram.
  5. Liking and commenting posts by other users too helped me take my outreach a level higher. If you like someone else’s post, then it is a trick to bring yourself on notice of others and making them aware that you exist in the social media race of grabbing followers. It is like your first day at any place where no one knows you beforehand. You need to be the one to take the first step and introduce yourself and then only people will start to know you. This is how you grow your network socially and on Instagram.

Stick to some of these basic tips and tricks and see your posts shining in the world of instagram. You will be famous within no time.

There are some things which you might want to avoid doing on instagram some of these are listed below:

  1. You should be active on Instagram once you start posting something on instagram

You should keep on posting stuff on instagram and should never be inactive, this might lead to decrease in your follower growth and eventually people will stop following you. This is because they have lots of other people on instagram which are offering similar stuff.

  1. You should never post similar contents again and again. People don’t like this. Everyone wants to see something different, they expect different ideas fro. The account once they start following it. Thus, refrain from doing this.
  2. Avoid posting content which offends someone’s ideology, on Instagram.
  3. Refrain from using complex and weird account names.

When I was new on Instagram, I would post some random and general things which I sketched or painted or the photographs I clicked, etc., but somewhere in the world of competition for followers on Instagram they were lost with very few leaks. Then I went through some other posts with thousands and thousands of likes and very good and cherishing comments. This made me realize that my posts were lacking something, and thus I made a list of potential things that could be done to increase my account followers and likes on my posts. Then when I started following them effectively, the followers on the list increased and I got a good reception.

Thus, as a summary of this whole story I would say Instagram is a platform and you can win only if you have the confidence and have the will to succeed.

Use if effectively, Use it wisely.

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