5 Easy Steps to Get Popular On Instagram

5 Easy Steps to Get Popular On Instagram

by igzy July. 19, 17 3 Comments

Instagram has started receiving immense popularity as a social media platform. What has helped Instagram to be one of the best choices of professional photographers, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs is its professional design.

There is no doubt that Instagram has grown in a comparatively short period of time and is probably going to expand and progress more.

So, why do people choose Instagram for promoting their work?

The answer is quite apparent; Instagram is easy to use and simple to understand. Instagram is one of those few social media platforms that isn’t complicated and believes that simplicity is best. This picture-sharing app has made it comfortable for both; the admins and their followers.

It is quite simple to build a large fan-base on Instagram, and this simplicity is not offered by any other social media site.

The best and probably the most beneficial part about Instagram is that it makes it easier for two similar people to connect to each other.

Don’t believe me? Look at your following list; are you not following pages, that you have similar interests like yours? Just one click and you’re connected to that person!

We understand that gaining popularity on Instagram does seem like a tedious job at the moment; but we have broken it down to the following steps for you.

  • Have a relevant username –

    This is the most important step in gaining popularity. Yes, you can buy Instagram likes or followers, but what can they do for you if your username is completely different than your posts? Hence, your first step is to have a username that resonates with your purpose of being on Instagram. Or else your followers and friends will not take you or your work seriously.

  • Add appropriate hashtags –

    This is the point that many people deviate. You can add as many hashtags on Instagram, but what’s the point if you don’t add the ones that will help you get discovered by people? If you’re into photography, add those hashtags that other photographers use and so on. You cannot add hashtags like “#selfie #homeday #fun” and expect people to take you seriously.

You can also add hashtags like; #followforfollow, #likeforlike, #f4f, as people who also add these hashtags will like your pictures and vice versa. HOWEVER, only like those pictures that match your interest and you will start getting followers and the likes of the same people and others who share the same interests.

  • Buying followers on Instagram is not a bad idea –

    Yes, you can attain popularity on Instagram by just commenting on popular posts, following people with the same interests and liking their pictures. You may also get some followers with the above mentioned hashtags. But, this process is extremely slow.

 If you want your business or page to grow and meet your deadlines, you must definitely think of buying followers for your Instagram page. For more information about how to buy instagram followers, read this article.

  • See how many people like your posts –

    Let’s consider a scenario where you have more than 10,000 followers. However, the likes you receive on your page are just 100 or sometimes even less than that. Do you really think advertisers will be convinced to give you a contract to market their products? Of course not.

Hence, you must take the number of likes that you get on your account very, very seriously. There are dozens of sites that offer Instagram likes for “free”.

However, these sites or apps log into your account and like pictures of others who have signed up for the same. This is why you must not fall into such trap.

Always consider buying likes instead of looking for free likes. When you buy likes on Instagram, you are provided with authentic users who will like your posts and not just spam accounts liking them.

You will be given security for the same as you won’t have to worry about being hacked or liking the posts of other people automatically.

If you wish to buy likes on Instagram, consider reading this article.


  • Check whether you have enough engagements on your account –

    When you want to be a public figure, it is important that you have enough engagements on your profile. If you think not having enough comments on Instagram is okay, I have a story for you.

My friend had started her own online business for selling commodities online. So she made an Instagram account for promoting her products.

She was very serious about her business, so she did all of the above mentioned texts. She was even approached by a few advertisers.

However, she had very little and almost no comments on her products.

She started getting DMs from her potential customers about whether or not her products were good enough since she got very few comments on them! She was really upset as her products were one of the best quality products out there.

Hence, she understood that she needed to start engaging with her followers more and even went ahead to buy comments for Instagram, she never regretted that decision ever.

So, you see, comments and views are just as important as likes and followers and you cannot ignore it.

You can buy your comments for Instagram just as my friend did and recover that money as soon as you start getting popular. Read another successful story of buying comments on Instagram.

We hope this blog has helped you realize what essential steps you need to take in order to be popular on Instagram and helps you understand the points where you were going wrong. If you want an engaging Instagram following, you must read this article right now.

Instagram is a very simple social media platform that can help you build and market your business on an international level.

You only have to keep yourself dedicated and sharing the right pictures at the right time, with the right people and you will never have a minute that goes without notifications.

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