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Nowadays, we spend most of our times surfing the internet, looking for posts to share or gather valuable information needed to sustain our basic lifestyle. We are engrossed so much into these social media platforms that we have completely forgotten that a world beyond the binary dots and dashes exists. Do not mistake by criticism for anything personal, because in this article, I am going to let the users of Instagram know how to rack up massive number of followers by performing a few important steps. It is needless to mention that Instagram is one of the most trending applications in the market. Millions have already signed up and they have been sharing posts and pictures to glory. Such is the massive fandom that users have also managed to invest by donating the owners for all the VIP features of the platform.

There are quite a few methods to get followers and likes. You have the option to buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram followers and also buy Instagram views in order to make you famous in Instagram. Since these are bot accounts, if you want real followers you also have the option to buy real Instagram followers. Having said these, to buy followers on Instagram is a thing that many will not appreciate. They would definitely want to rack up those followers by themselves, doing all the hardwork and making the account busy and appealing to the eye. You can take a look at my previous article “How I became Instagram famous” to know about the things you can do and also take a look at “What to do for getting more followers on Instagram” to get a deeper insight.

Let us take a look at some of the important and simple steps that you can perform to get the number of followers for your account, high.

Before we head on to the points, I need to tell you about the possible consequences of being active and making your account an extremely busy one. Your account should be busy, but with all the right things on it. There are certain posts and photos that are copyright protected or confidential in some of the cases. It is highly advised that you do not share these photos because that will turn the ride against you. While some people may be entertained, others, who are probably supporting the notion, will turn their backs against you and will subject you to various insults and even threaten you. These are the things that you should completely avoid. Not only will these posts threaten the integrity of the person you are, but will exponentially decrease the number of followers, you would have wanted in your account.

For example, you cannot start sharing posts related to any political parties that might degrade the value of the concerned party or any party leader associated with it. Doing so might lead to dire consequences. You might know that these parties have a lot of influence and going against them could land you in big trouble. Apart from these, you cannot share posts that might question the relations between two bordering nations, which too will land you in massive amount of trouble.

Now that you know which of the things you should avoid while taking to these social media platforms, let us take a look at some of the things that you CAN DO to make your profile more appealing to the eye.

  • Contests: People love participating in contests. Some love to participate, while other love to win. Make sure you hold different genres of contests and allow people to win there and get an equal share of participation. People will be looking forward to your contests if you get them right and that is one of the best ways to gain massive amount of followers for your account.
  • Upload Videos: It is true that good and interesting videos can get you more followers on Instagram. The kind of videos you will be uploading is the key to getting all those extra followers. Try uploading teasers and trailers of the most awaited movies and TV shows. People nowadays are hooked to all the TV shows and different kinds of movies. Study your audience and upload videos accordingly and they are bound to follow you.
  • Timing: Both the contests and trailers are two of the best ways to rack up massive amount of followers for your account. But all will be in vain, if you do not get the timing right. Timing is crucial everywhere and so it is here as well. You need to understand when the majority of your audience stays online and grasp that opportunity. Generally, people surf the internet after a tiring day hoping to find something interesting to catch on. Be their reason to surf endlessly and you will soon have a lot of followers.
  • Follow Back: Newton’s Third Law states that ‘To Every Action, There is An Equal and an Opposite Reaction’. You need to follow the same principal and follow back as many followers you have. Following them back will motivate other people to follow you too, because at the end of the day, everybody likes to be followed. When the number of followers increases for your account, you might consider the option of skipping following all the profiles, but follow back as many as possible.

These are some of the basic and simple steps that you can follow to gain massive number of followers on one of the most trending social media platforms- Instagram.

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