How to get more followers on Instagram at a rapid rate?

How to get more followers on Instagram at a rapid rate?

by igzy June. 13, 17 3 Comments

There are so many users on Instagram that it is very difficult to cut through the noise.  More followers in your profile would mean more views for your posts which would eventually help more and more people to take notice of what you are doing from your profile. There are certain techniques which would help you buy Instagram followers instantly and at a very fast pace:

  • Make sure your account is public: It is very difficult for private accounts to gather more followers because the people in your followers list are only friends. If you want to widen the diaspora and have all sections of the society into your scheme of things, it would help in increasing the number of views of your products and services. People would get into your profile and would have to wait for your “follower accept” in order to access your products, sometimes this delay may end up losing out on a few potential customers. To make your profile Public:
  • Click on the Profile icon on the top right hand side corner of the Instagram app
  • Click on “Edit my Profile”.
  • Uncheck “Posts are private”
  • Use the most popular hashtags: To buy real Instagram followers, using the most popular and the most appropriate hashtags with your posts is a huge must. Hashtags are used to view all photos based on a particular theme. If you use the most popular ones, other hashtag fans would end up seeing those photos which are linked to those popular hashtags. This will garner a very fast attention and help you gain followers quickly. Follow the article on “5 ways to skyrocket Instagram marketing” to know more.
  • Use geotags: Buying followers on Instagram requires following quite a number of steps. One of these would be tagging along a particular geographic location with all your posts. Others who are around that location might be browsing for photos around that location and they may come across your post. This will enable your posts to be seen by more and more people. Every defined location has a particular page in Instagram and all photos tagged on that particular place can be viewed from that page. Geotag the exact correct location to maximize the chances of your photograph getting liked by more and more people.
  • Space out your uploads: For buying Instagram likes and increasing the number of likes from the current count to a significant higher number, the spacing out of your uploads plays an important part. Rapidly filling the page with more and more posts would not necessarily guarantee an increase in the number of followers. But contrary to this popular belief, this is not true. You end up flooding the newsfeed of your Instagram profile which may annoy many followers. So, on an average, post one to three Images every day.
  • Filter wisely: There are a few popular filters in particular that may draw new followers to your page quickly. Make sure that the filter actually improves the photo before using it, and use popular filters.“ Tips for running Instagram photo contests” is a popular article on our website which you cannot miss.
  • Combines images to tell a astory: Combining several photographs to construct one story would entail to buying likes on Instagram. These are special programs which allow you to do this and when done in a proper manner would produce a more engaging photo that would help you in gaining more followers. Check out the article “6 common Marketing mistakes to avoid” to get an idea on what you should not be doing.
  • Post photos during peak time: An Instagram photo has a lifespan of three to four hours before it disappears in the community. If you post when the largest proportion of people are active on this medium, then you are likely to buy likes on Instagram by garnering more views and followers. The two most important timings for posting a photograph are in the morning and then in the late evening. The most popular time of the week is during Wednesdays between 5 PM to 6PM. Every account has a different audience so you should be able to figure out what time works well for most of your audience to not miss a single post.
  • Share only the best photos and videos: The key to a successful Instagram profile is both quality and quantity. The photos you post should be of the best quality and they should come more often so that the audience is not kept waiting for a very long time. If you post low quality photos people are less likely to be impressed and would not take your account too seriously which would entail in your buying Instagram comments. Do not forget to check out our space to read on the “ 8 Benefits of using Instagram to grow your business”.


Instagram is such a growing social media platform where you get to advertise and vouch for your products so that a prospective client base is formed. You can follow the above mentioned steps to buy Instagram views and make your function a smoother one. You can check out our article titled “ 18 Tools to help Improve your Marketing on Instagram” to get a better idea of this.

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