Do’s and don’t s to become instafamous!  

Do’s and don’t s to become instafamous!  

by igzy June. 10, 17 3 Comments

Being a beginner, I often made blunders  in my Instagram account which costed me to lose my followers. Since I was marketing my page I tried to be very cautious and hence followed some guidelines that helped me achieve a great number of followers. Instagram is a great platform to show what you actually possess and get a very positive response out of it.

Instagram attracts almost 1.2 billion likes per day. Instagram is one of the fastest ever growing social media marketing platform with more than 300 million users every day.

The remarkable growth of instagram makes it perfect for being a medium of online marketing. The success craving entrepreneurs  like me are turning towards this platform for promotion of their brands. Many of them are living the dreams they dreamt after effectively utilizing the Instagram marketing. So here are some do’s and don’t’s that I followed to get effective marketing.


Instagram is a  very powerful platform for marketers. With 28%  of the united States population using it; this  platform is better for marketers wishing to market  their visual content.

Although this app alone is sufficient for getting started, there are even more correct tools that may ramp up results really quickly.

Since I wished to take my marketing in Instagram to next level, I considered using the following tools:

  1. Piqora

Piqora allows us to know  which photos will get most comments as well as likes so that one can continuously improvise on content strategy and marketing.

Pique provides exclusive hashtag  offering with the  important insights into which user utilizes certain hashtags, as well as  get to know how much influential the particular users actually are. It is an excellent platform for finding influencers within one’s own niche.

  1. Repost

Repost allows the user to easily repost the images on  the Instagram while providing credits to the original poster. It lets the user to findwhich of the  images and users were actually getting  most of the repost, and also letting the user search for  the appropriate users,  tags, contents etc. This is available in both Android as well as iOS.

  1. Word Dream

Word dream is another one of the  graphical application which is much easier as well as simple to use. The person just plugs in texts that they wish for, and then watch out the application create striking graphics that can be downloaded and also can be shared on the social networks.

If anyone wishes to play by using their own graphics adding to the style, one  can certainly do this too.

With amazing options like style adjustment, color adjustment, special effects as well as filters, one can then  customize  graphics to offer a different style

      4 .Tapshop

Tapshop, owned by the Piqora lets the user  to turn the  Instagram into a shopping portal.

If the users click on the link in ones profile, they will be taken to a landing page that will be full of the owners products which they themselves have liked, they can then buy any of the products present in the page. Then the  next time the user  likes the image on our feed, they then get  email that is generated automatically with the link for buying a particular product.

  1. Crowdfire

We have noticed that the followers count often  goes down and we wish to know  exactly unfollowed us.

Crowdfire offers a simpler way to discover the  inactive followers as well as unfollowers and also helps in finding out the new users so that they quickly follow and keep track of how social media updates affect the followers as well as the unfollowers number.

Appropriate quotes for the photos:

Quoting the picture with appropriate write ups is very important. Relevance to the picture, good writing skills and good content attracts the followers. The content relevance is a very important factor as irrelevant content may not bring the required amount of likes no matter how good the picture is.

Although we often fail to taste the  success because of committing some  horrendous Instagram mistakes in marketing.

Buying likes on Instagram:

There are various platforms  that  helps in buying Instagram likes if one isn’t able to get hold of many likes. These platforms sell various packages to buy instagram followers, buy instagram likes, buy instagram views and even buy instagram comments. You can buy real instagram followers and buy likes on instagram.

Don’t s:

Snubbing User Comments:

Ignoring and not replying to the comments as well as questions of the audience are the quickest way of getting unfollowed on the account of Instagram.

User engagements programs play a very significant role in the promotion and  brand awareness, with better conversion rates, build brand value and also better sales. It is a pretty costly price for entrepreneurs who choose ignorance towards the followers’ comments.

The last thing we want being a businessman is sending the wrong signals to followers. The one that is likely to  boycott our brand, particularly; if the customer feels that we do not really value them, the best way to avoid this terrible marketing mistake is by keeping the followers completely engaged. The focus should be on replying to all of their comments, and answering to their questions  elaborating on the things that they are unable to understand.

Hence the only way through which we could win over our followers’ loyalty as well as the trust is by providing them the attention they deserve to get. One should aim at building a long-term and trustworthy relationship with the  audience in order to succeed in the  Instagram marketing.

Making the Instagram profile private

 Making the Instagram account private is one of the most terrible move for which one pays a heavy price.

Several investors make this mistake and then pay a high price for this. For the starters, making the profile lock out all the non-subscribers. And even  if that isn’t enough, our followers will think that we don’t really need them as follower.

Instagram is a pretty powerful social media handle marketing platform. The successful entrepreneurs are those who market the brands through the Instagram profile account and using it as a platform. Hence, one should make Instagram visible for everybody.  Hence this is a very smart move that  all success craving internet marketers must make.

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