Changing Lives With Profits –Instagram

Changing Lives With Profits –Instagram

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Money has surely been the changing factor for any of the individuals intending at achieving the most successful career and life. Many tasks and many apps have been started to ensure the continuity of the same.

Social media has been the prime target for all the business minded persons to achieve their success and showcase a whole lot of talent approval at global standards. Every other person in the today’s world is being linked to the technology and its applications.

The standards of earning have truly been raised to a whole new level of change with the advent of promotion through social media. People rather than selling their products by going to different places and waiting for customers to reach them are reaching people all over the world just a click away.

Just imagine with a click away you could access the world market in an easier and more precise way. We could be competing with the global competitors in a more varied and accurate way. What are the benefits of using this social media for the flourishment of ideas and business purposes.


Personal experiences can very well help us to know more and more about the real side of any aspect of the world present in each and every situation. Same was the case for me and my friend on the basis of earning a well deserved reputation on the social giant Instagram for creating something full of innovation and uniqueness in the world of boredom.

We as a team started in the college days when during our leisure time finding an interesting activity was getting to an unmanageable task. We spent days thinking about any leisure activity when we finally came across one.

A common friend of ours suggested to start a new adventure of our life by creating an account on instagram and getting our creativity and talent to be shown at a level never imagined. The support came from him and we decided to carry on the idea to a large and far extent.

Going on by the decision we made an account and intended to make posts about college life centering about the various events and fun associated with it. Known to all the features of the social app we were very much easy as starting the venture at heights of excitement and fervor.

As soon as we created the page and posted photos and videos we started to get a large number of likes and comments on our posts with the addition of comments in them. But the number was not good enough to more and more popularize our page to start earning money and using it as a means of business criteria.

Then the same old friend told us about the feature of getting more and more followers, likes, comments on the same. The procedure involved contacting existing pages with a huge follower base to reach out to their followers and convincing them to follow, like and comment on our posts and page.

In a brief statement, we intended to buy Instagram followers from the existing users and this criteria also supported to buy Instagram likes and also to buy instagram comments on our posts at a fee affordable to any of the beginner.

The decision to buy Instagram followers, Instagram Views and to Instagram comments involved a huge risk, but proved to be a successful decision in the long run as they provided a building stone for the page future.

Riding on the huge success of our leisure experiment to a professional business page we started to give shootouts to our followers charging a nominal fee for the same increasing their followers. Then came the concept of story posting adding to the more responsibility of the page admins.

Regular posts and timely modifications according to the user requirements, getting reviews from the followers were all the stepping stone of the page build up. Then after the following advancements came video uploading on the site about different posts.

Then we started making videos about fun events and activities happening in the college. Getting views on the same were the most difficult task as one has to keep in mind the creativity level, the user requirement and the time limit.

Again, increasing the number of followers, we then started to help other newcomers in the same field by letting them buy instagram followers and likes we made huge profits with just working together as a team and taking into account all the features available at the platform.

Really, with the features of instagram such as posts, video uploading, story posting and going live on a platform, joining the world into a thread within a second. Technology made its way to help business flourish and become more and more prosperous in every known aspect better than the previous techniques.


We all are familiar with the fact that a coin has two sides similarly technology is associated with money making and business. But, in today’s competitive and fast moving scenario the positive side of the motion has certainly been able to get a generous lead over the negative aspects.

Joined with the help of social media and apps, people from all over the world are interacting on a work basis of a single platform sharing ideas, thoughts and imaginations. Motivated by success of any individual they tend to create their success stories through the same and earn reputation and good money in the global markets.

A smart worker is preferred over a hard worker because he is the one who could put up the same amount of result or profit in lesser amount and a person befitted with the tool of technology can certainly intiate a process of change.

Instagram being one of the regular social media app for leisure time purpose has been transformed as a platform to connect people residing far away for business purposes and making the global competitive market a better place for each, every and any individual to showcase talent, reputation and earn money.

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