Advertising On Instagram

Advertising On Instagram

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Instagram: Instagram as we know is one of the most popular social media platforms, it nowadays is being used by many people to advertising their business and product.

Utilization of Instagram with time

People, initially used Instagram just to follow their friends and favorite celebrities, but now they have found an incredible way to increase the popularity of  their business and products by advertising them on Instagram. There are many such stories stating how Instagram helped them in establishing their business in the market.

My Cousin’s experience

One of the finest example, that I am taking today is the account of my cousin, who started using instagram in 2013, just a year after it’s android version launched. His mother, my aunt is a highly talented lady. She used to make designer jewelry boxes, show pieces and many more other things right from her childhood.

After marriage also, she followed her passion and continued making this stuff. She never realized her talent and as there was no platform also to showcase her talent, her talent was limited to some streets of her city only.

My cousin, Saurabh started using instagram 4 years back, after using Instagram for some months, he realized that it can be a great platform to advertise his mom’s work and make it reach to a large number of people. Soon after this, he created an account to promote his mother’s creativity. He made the account public and let anybody message him, so that he could get feedbacks and suggestions from people about how to expand his business  etc.

He put all of his efforts to get a large number of followers for his account. He contacted his Instagram friends, asked them to follow his account and share his posts, he himself also started following some other popular accounts to observe their pattern of work, and take some ideas from them to attract followers.

Though it was not an easy task he somehow managed to gain popularity and after some months of hard work and frequent posts, he finally got a decent number of followers. As  Instagram is a place where once people start recognizing your work, it becomes easy for you to get popular further, he also became famous soon.

His mother, whose work was limited just to some of her neighbors and relatives, now got popularity globally. Her business got expanded and now she started taking orders from clients in different cities. She finally got an identity after so many years of hard work only because of her son and Instagram.

Other methods to get followers

Saurabh chose a genuine and straight forward approach to increase popularity and followers in his account by engaging his friends and relatives in his posts, however many people buy instagram followers  and buy instagram likes in order to enjoy enormous fame and popularity.

People sometimes because of being so obsessed with their popularity on instagram often tends to buy instagram views online, though sometimes it works and they also manage to get popularity but  it is not the genuine method to get it. In fact, people can find it a bit weird that a person having thousands of followers has negligible amounts of likes and comments on his post.

People have to be highly attentive to the things they are paying for, buying fake instagram followers is not going to help you in any way, it just increases the followers count in your profile, it does not spread awareness about his brand and products, instead of buying fake followers, a person can buy real instagram followers and buy likes on instagram.

By the term,  real instagram followers and likes, I mean followers that are active members of Instagram and their real likes and comments. There are also many sites available online that gives you the  option of buying a suitable pack of instagram original followers, on cheaper rates.

How buying instagram followers will work for you?

For spreading awareness of your work, brand or business social media is the best platform. As we all know a vast number of people on social media, it is the best place to promote yourself and your business on it. Many already established companies even also own accounts in instagram to maintain their popularity and fame, continue being in buzz and audience’s eyes.

It is a universal truth that the more people see you, the more they will remember and admire you. Getting started with instagram is a tedious task as you have to put all of your efforts to promote and advertise your business. Although there are many ways to increase your followers instantly, among which one of best and genuine way is to buy followers on instagram.

If you buy instagram comments, it can boost the popularity of your posts and account instantly, to promote your brand,  you can buy followers online. It generally refers to social media marketing. Being famous among real people is the only thing a person wants, and is beneficial to an individual’s business and brand popularity, buying just numbers will not help you.

Buying  real instagram followers is nothing but a fast forward step to promote your brand, generally a person takes time to get popular among people, the more people see someones posts the more that person is on their mind. Buying instgram followers do not use any illegal methods they just boost  your posts, so that it could reach to the maximum audience, gathers more like and popularity for you.

Why it is better for you than other advertising methods

Instead of spending lots of money in advertising your brand on television and radio, where it comes only for a specific period of time, and on specific channels, it is much cheaper to promote your business in instagram, where it stays lifetime on your account. People nowadays are more engaged in social media than other platforms, and this is one of the most important reasons to choose it, in place of others.

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